War of the Words: The Phantom Con-Troll Booth

Whoever chose the word “troll” to describe the modern internet plague was definitely a frood who knew where his towel was at. Not only because it captures the spirit of their vicious attacks and gnarly stench, but because trolls have always preyed on those who dared stray from the path. Not in vain are they an integral part of the great con, in the CON-TROLL department.

And that, unfortunately, is no pun.

“Con” is a power prefix, known primarly to mean “with” or “together” in Latin root words like constitution, conclave, congress, congregation and many more. But “con” also has a nautical meaning, namely to direct the steering or course of a vessel, which is associated to the vocabulary of the Maritime Law-based elite cons-piracy, words such as control, conflict, condemn and others. Although their etymological roots may differ, they all converge on the great confidence game, in which we are conned into consenting to their conditions without contemplation. Such high concentration of words with the same power prefix in the language of authority makes the pattern detector blink at the above-coincidence threshold.

Confused? That’s the con-trolls doing their job, keeping the con fused to our minds like a malignant growth.

Consider this: a vessel cannot be steered without control, and there can be no control over humans without convincing the mind. Enter the conniving con-trolls, the muscle behind the con narrative, the ones who keep the meme from straying of its concealed goal of conquest. Should someone dare to question it, or metaphorically “cross the bridge” away from its sphere of influence, the troll is there waiting to consume it, as we have all been graphically warned since childhood.


why isn't the rest of the herd following me?

Given that modern slaves have limited access to actual facts –the foundation of the economy of scarcity–, we must often make due with inferences based on observation, which is a double-edged blade that can be used against us by those in the know. Thus it is vital to discern what we are “observing”, especially with so many narratives competing for our finite attention span.

Unfortunately, such discernment is no easy task, mostly because the deception itself is so encompassing and multi-layered that we can dig from one lie to the next without ever reaching the underlying truth, if it ever existed in the first place. With so few hard facts to work with, we apply intuition, pattern recognition, educated guesses and healthy skepticism, which is good enough to detect most fake narratives, but not to detect the genuine ones. Being apparently unfake is not direct proof of authenticity.

Which brings us back to the con-trolls. There aren’t so many ways to turn people into trolls. Only a few are actually born that way; most are created by meme infestation or plain ol’ greed to scourge the internet for non-conforming sources to attack. But it is not they who choose the targets… that information comes from above, which makes them useful idiots to overlords and discerners alike.

Recent troll sightings over at Zen Gardner’s blog provide an interesting case study for what I call the Phantom Con-Troll Booth* theory, which posits that trolling is a strategy of damage control that is applied in proportion to the degree of authenticity of the content being trolled. In the practice, this means follow the trolls to where they feed, find what it is they want you NOT to believe, and take it from there.

Ask yourself: who are the folks who are getting smeared on the net? What is their narrative? Why do some outrageous narratives stay troll-free, while those who would question them are subject to intense trolling? In short, cui bono? If con-troll resources are being invested, then somewhere there is a con-troller expecting a return.

Next time you reach a bridge where there be trolls, just remember: truth is free, but not the path that leads to it. So always keep a token at hand for the Phantom Con-Troll Booth; it’s a small price to escape the conduit of conditioned consciousness.

Convert control to freedom, and conclude.

* A tribute to my first taste of the War of the Words, The Phantom Tollbooth.


Art credits: color troll under bridge from aaronpocock.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/trollbridge_colours_sml.jpg

2 thoughts on “War of the Words: The Phantom Con-Troll Booth

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  2. Another brilliant blog. Really like the maritime definition of the Con. Conning Tower on an Air Kraft Carrier. Govern Mente in Latin means To Steer The Mind. Mind Control.

    Can’t seem to get aweigh from it.

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