VIDEO: The USA is a Corporation… and You Are a Monster

Once in a while a video pops up that touches on the subject of modern slavery in such a direct and hard-hitting way that I feel obliged to share it with the many folks who reach this blog searching for slavery-related keywords. Consider it a 10-min information overload crash course intro.

This particular video, already censured once at the UTube, is based on the seminal work of Jordan Maxwell, perhaps the most knowledgeable human alive on the subject of the true legal status of the USA and the American people. It brings together many of the bits and pieces found in this blog to present a portrait so disturbing it will probably provoke rejection in many people as being completely preposterous.

Indeed, the video’s UTube comments have been thoroughly con-trolled, which brings the Phantom Troll Booth factor into play. No arguments are brought to bear, just ridicule from people who would rather kill the messenger than consider that maybe, just maybe, they are living in a matrix of lies and deception.

Of course, common knowledge (cough choke) sez that it is ridiculous, absurd and just not serious to contend that what we call our country is actually a corporation called “Virginia” that belongs to the Crown of England, is legally covered by water and inhabited by monsters.

I mean, c’mon, right? Not even Monty Python ever took it THAT far.

So why ain’t I laughing?


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: The USA is a Corporation… and You Are a Monster

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