You’re-a-Peen Power Pillages the PIIGS

The ghastly construct known as the You’re-a-Peen Union (EU) staggers on its last legs towards the final solution for the Eurocrisis Zone: total bank and fiscal consolidation of the member states into one big Peen Power entity, which has been the objective all along. Cut out the middlemen, so to speak, all those posturing, self-serving national politicos that like to play coy with their country’s national sovereignity instead of just handing it over, already, to unelected Peen technocrats who don’t fck around… unless it’s with OPM, in which case anything goes.

As predicted with unsightly forecann by the bankster media back at the start of the crisis, the PIIGS continue to be stuck and bled in orderly sequence, with the Spanish banks now bailed out with €100KM to cover their naked assets even as the last and biggest porcine economy is being dragged to the knife. Chi vediamo, Italia!

Meanwhile Greece, the first PIIGS economy to feel the steel of the bailout austerity measures and having been drained like a bottle of ouzo on a taverna table, is now going to have its head impaled on a stake outside the EU Parliament in Brussels as a warning to others who may be considering slipping the pen.

With the lamestream media official discourse running around in endless flapping circles of bullshit crisis perception micromanagement –the markets today, the announcements today, the banks today, never any context or rational discourse– it is easier to conceal the real Peen play going down, which is the fact that Spanish banks are getting bailed out because they’re the only ones buying Spanish debt, which someone has to do for the whole illusion to survive another day. Ditto all the other PIIGS banks through the You’re-a-Peen Central Bank.

As a wise man once said, you can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Despite all the official confusion and cliff-hanging about how much and when the bailouts will happen, the markets know full well the whole thing is just a charade. When countries are buying their own debt on the sly, the game is over, kaput, finito. Everything else is just perception management and never mind the bollocks.

When the inevitable systemic failure becomes too big to hide, many will look back and realize we’ve been took, that it isn’t really our fault that the money and the jobs and the entire economy got sucked into the black hole of sham prosperity debt. No use upping the meds and remaining in suspension of belief as the illusion disintegrates before us. A laborious future awaits us in the new paradigm, where we shall perform officially-sanctioned garbage rummaging activities in search for sustenance and shelter for the greater glory of the banksters.

In the You’re-a-Peen Union, it keeps rainin’ all the time.

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