23:23 Update: Welcome to the Loop

Caveat lector: heavy brain intercourse follows; precautions recommended.


Remember the 23:23 Effect? That crazy impression that every time I look at digital clocks they are displaying twin pair or capicua numbers time like 23:23 or 15:51. At the time, I put forth possible hypotheses involving either the acceleration of fundamental frequencies or my own wholesome nuttiness, but new craziness from reputable sources puts the whole issue in a new and altogether more disquieting context that makes me wish it were indeed just a figment of my imagination.

It’s too crazy, it’s impossible, ludicrous, and yet… damn. Why isn’t the BS meter sucking a valve? Am I that far gone or have I come that far?

By the time I had read through Gordon Duff’s post at VT a third time –the first two hadn’t been enough to nail down the full import of his post, with its long and seemingly unrelated preamble– I realized I knew exactly what he means, this feeling of cyclical reiteration like a wheel stuck in mud, spinning but not moving as if somewhere along the way time had just swerved off track and fallen into a ditch.

It also dawned on me, as a side note, that such a time loop phenomenon would likely cause small incongruities of manifestation such as clock-related strangeness.

But first let’s examine the bigger patterns suggesting that there may be some sort of paradox-induced time loop strangeness going on. This is how Duff frames it:

If we are in a loop, which we well could be.  Look back, 1972, where we were.  We have video games, tiny phones and a shorter life span, a world polluted, few with clean water or electricity, continual war, we have been moving backwards, discernibly backwards, since 1972.

We should have developed the technology to educate the planet, control population, end pollution, cure cancer and heart disease, travel the solar system at will, all should have happened years ago. Instead, even Americans are starving and we have enough fallow land to feed the entire earth.  Just look around.

I would add that if we look at a newspaper today and compare it to a paper from the early 70s we will find a bunch of topics that are today as then: cold war rhetoric, famine in Africa, conflict in the Middle East, dependence on fossil fuels, wars for resources, poverty, diseases on the verge of being cured (but still aren’t) and new technologies on the verge of existing (but still don’t), etc, etc.

Now, Duff knows full well it doesn’t take time loops to explain why nothing seems to change for better, considering the nature of the criminal corporate cabal running the show –which he contends may be but patsies themselves. The only reason he is even contemplating this possibility is because there appears to be hard evidence that the frequency of our universe has been altered at the paradox level more than once, and these changes are associated with a very concrete phenomenon:

What we are not told is that the frequency of the universe is measured carefully and the discernible changes measured have been tied directly to visits by time travelers.  This leaves us with a paradox.

Said otherwise, we’re not looking at time-travellers to explain the world; we’re looking at the world to explain time-travellers. Why did they come, where did they go and what did they do? Duff puts forth two possible significant events as candidates: 1968, Bobby Kennedy is murdered; and 1972, “Tricky Dick” Nixon is re-elected POTUS. The first would be the time-traveller’s intervention, the second would be the moment at which the current time loop was established under the altered frequency.

Let’s take a moment to extrapolate this narrative somewhat, and hop over to an alternate dimension in which RFK was not shot in 1968 and went on to become President that same year.

President RFK had no intention of following his brother’s fate, and indeed began his mandate with an assault against the forces behind JFK’s murder so massive and coordinated that many called it “the Vendetta of the Century”.

RFK was a smart guy, an attorney general, a hardened player and, most of all, an Irish man with a blood debt to settle. In the five years after his brother’s death he had laid out meticulous plan, and upon becoming President he launched simultaneous military, judicial and financial offensives that broke the backbone of the rogue shadow power mafia of war profiteers and bankers. The Federal Reserve was nationalized and an interest-free Dollar was printed by the government to fund the space and technology program which replaced the military budget.

The growth of the economy, the creation of wealth and the development of new technologies was so explosive that by the time he ended his second term in 1976, the entire planet had entered a new Golden Age of plenty in which the criminal banksters and their cohorts were either jailed, executed or otherwise disappeared, voluntarily or otherwise. Unfortunately for the vast majority of Earth’s populace, however, in 1984 a small reduct of reptile worshippers gained access to one of the few technologies that was still being kept secret for real national security reasons, and managed to send back not one traveller but a entire hit-squad of five, including the patsy, to the Ambassador Hotel on June 5th 1968.

The rest, as they insist, is his story.

The main drawback is that this story sucks no matter how one cuts it. It’s the Terminator premise but with worse special effects. What it means is that it doesn’t matter what we do; if it’s good for us, they will locate the origin and smother it in its crib. Only our slave reality is allowed to exist.

Isn’t that cheating? What about the mfcking rules? What must we do to be free, travel back and push Dick Cheney in front of a bus on his way to school? Is that how we build a future, by erasing the past and creating new timelines? Then I’ll just sit here and eat cheetos until someone one hundred years from now go back to whenever and tweak that shit so everything I ever did or didn’t do won’t exist and maybe even the cheetos too. It’s either that or the John Connor option, but without the robot to save your ass.

So, in a mfcking nutshell, we have no future, because it can be altered in the past; and we have no past because it can be altered from the future. This makes what we tentatively call our Present a shaky premise at best.

Jaysis, PK Dick, where are you when we need you?

And then there’s that “minor” issue of the universal frequency changes. clif high over at Half Past Human put some serious chew time on this Pi to explain how such a paradox would come about, but the bottom line is that no-one really knows what happens when you mess with that shit, although we may be on our way to finding out, or we will never know, depending.

All I know for sure right now is that the 23:23 effect remains in full gear and growing. This, as I mentioned, may be a side-effect of the time loop effect, but since it only became manifest a few months ago, it seems to suggest two possibilities: either the time loop itself is speeding up and skipping frames, or the universal frequency has recently been altered yet again. Time-travellers? Maybe the upcoming London zion olympics is going to be hosting visitors not only from around the world, but from the around the ages too! Or maybe they’re here for the winter solstice, the big Mayan affair that now seems to have been cancelled… remember that one? Seems like a timeline ago…

If Universe allows such dirty tricks, we are very vulnerable but not entirely powerless. In the end, time travel scenarios depend on us reacting to events in a determined manner and creating the new timeline in order for it to exist in the future. But this condition cuts both ways. By resisting and refusing to react, we introduce a probability of a timeline where the expected future does not happen, which means it will never exist and everything that is there now –including whoever sent the travellers– will immediately cease to exist, simply because enough of us didn’t play the game the way we were supposed to.

They may have the technology to literally erase our past, but our future is ultimately still in our hands, and so is theirs. First we take the future, and then we sneak up on them from behind. If it is paradox they seek, let’s give it to them right now.

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