Will They Dare Zion London?

Yes, I know “to zion” isn’t a verb –although perhaps it should be– but this whole London Olympics false flag business is so crazy it just seemed right. Google “London Zion” and almost a million and a half results come up, and all along the same general lines: something bad is gonna happen during the 2012 Olympics, and none of it will be as it seems.

Ever since suicided musician Rik Clay opened this can of worms back in 2008, the London Zion story has grown steadily into the current crescendo as we reach the moment of truth. There’s something for everybody in this narrative: Luminatty symbology, biblical references, military buildup, “terrorist” threats, NWO overtones, alien mascots and a logo that spells ZION. This may be the best 2012 conspiracy since the end of the world got cancelled!

Now, I’m not going to get into the details, but the whole setup does indeed look like a big shit sandwich just waiting to be served with a side of chips. Which makes for a bit of a paradox, namely millions of people waiting for an event which is meant to be “unexpected”. No matter what happens, it will be complicated at best for officials to pretend they’re suprised (“fool me once, um…”) and stick the blame of some patsy, preferably of Persian persuasion.

Common sense would suggest that once word gets out, the plan becomes inviable, because false flags are about perception management and without the surprise element they not only don’t work but can easily backfire. A lot of folks in the blogosphere work hard to expose potential false flag events before they happen in order to keep them from happening, which is an odd causal relation to reality and a definite sign of the times. Think of it as advanced contingency planning, maybe not as advanced as time travelling but better than pretending the future is written in stone.

However, analysts like clif high, whose ALTA method is at the vanguard of humanity’s advanced contingency plan committee, believes the foreseen London Zion false flag event has a high chance of ocurring despite the widespread expectation. It’s the NWO’s now or never moment, the culmination of centuries of scheming, stealing, screwing and lying. If New Jerusalem does not rise in Britain before the galactic dawn, they’re toast like vampires in sunlight: crispy black on both sides, hold the butter.

Of course, if they do go through with the false flag, we know the lamestream media will parrot its script faithfully, which will involve sloppily rendered CGI alien Persians dropped from UFOs wearing strap-on tactical nukes as the Olympic Stadium collapses at free fall in the background. All except the BBC, who will announce the collapse of the stadium 20 minutes before it is actually pulled, and will confuse the “persians” with “virgins”.

Okay, time for a (sur)reality check.

If this shit does indeed turn fanside, things are going to happen very quickly. There will be no time for logical analysis; the nukes will be flying over the Hormuz before the dust settles in London. Heck, after a few nuclear EMPs, there will be no internet or computers or phones or even power… at least here on the surface. So who cares if some bloggers predicted it would happen when you got WWIII going from the comfort of your underground base?

Then again, maybe it’s not a false flag but a red herring, a weapon of mass distraction to keep all those pesky conspiracy theorists looking the wrong way. If so, they’re doing a great job. So good, in fact, that it is unlikely they are doing it at all. These Luminatties only seem smooth when one is completely clueless as to their MO; once their sleight of hand is revealed, it becomes obvious they are at least as clumsy as they are greedy. Subtlety is not their forte, because the reptilian brain doesn’t do subtle.

The bottom line is that a search for “Madonna’s boob” gives more hits “London Zion”, which shows just how much traction this meme REALLY has on the collective consciousness. If it can be overshadowed by a flap of flaccid flesh, it is not a threat to the establishment, period. That is the reason Madonna’s boob exists: one boob to rule over them all.

So to the question will they dare zion London, the answer is of course they will. The instigators of false flags have always acted with complete impunity, and they have no reason to expect any different next time around. To them it’s just business as usual, and the business model says we’re massively expendable right now, and in fact should be actively expended with in the name of sustainable multicultural asset munching and all that.

While we wait, then, let’s play at counting the number of world leaders and celebs who will NOT be attending the London Zion games for various unlikely reasons. I don’t care if they call it intuition, sheer luck or strange coincidence, what I want to know is where Madonna’s nipple gonna be, and take cover.


more one-eye masonic symbolism, yawn…

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