Code Tangerine Tango Activated

When Pantone chose the reddish-orange tone with the suggestive name of Tangerine Tango as the color of the year 2012, they were hoping to start a trend. Whether or not this trend was meant to include serial shooters and UFOs is debatable, but for the sake of naiveness we’ll assume it’s just one big kwinzdence, which sounds like coincidence but isn’t, really. Let us say they picked up the vibe and put the right color to it, which is essentially what Pantone does.

Tangerine Tango (TT) is no newcomer to the “fashion” scene; there was a time when the Guantanamo jump suits were all the rage, although nobody actually wanted to be caught wearing one. Now things are different, with enemy combatants using Honeysuckle Pink, which is the color TT becomes when exposed to the elements for 10 years.

then & now

I discovered the existence of TT shortly after seeing the picture below and having that WTF moment, sort of like he seems to be having in the photo: where am I, what’s going on and why is my hair dyed a hideous hue of reddish-orange?

they call me the Joker, minus the “r”

The man is obviously deranged. Crazy folks dye their hair crazy colors, you know, the guy thinks he’s the Joker or something. Right, the Batman villain with green hair. Now we’re getting somewhere… crazy and daltonic to boot.

Another place TT can be found right now is in the London Zion games logo like the one below. Yes, TT is also the color of fire. Chalk that one up in the kwinzdence category, and never mind the subliminalia, what?

Now, you know Pantone’s got clout when its color of the year makes it to the UFO circuits too. Okay, the orange orbs have been part of the bestiary for some time now, but according to MUFON there have been no less than 28 reported sightings involving reddish-orange objects in the past six days, and over 50 in the past 2 weeks.

Okay, so there seems to be some kind of a color thing going on… what gives?

Colors are different things for different people. How one reacts to a given color depends on how one is conditioned to react. We may like a color because our favorite team wears it, or dislike it because it reminds us of aunt Gretchen’s living room. It is even possible to respond subconsciously to color cues, if one has been unfortunate enough to fall under the sway of that kind of conditioning. Which brings us back to confuso boy the daltonic shooter and his hair.

There are plenty of folks out there better qualified than me to discuss black ops mind control programs and how they work, but basically where some see a random crazy with his hair dyed orange-red on the front page, others may see a message, a signal or a trigger. And one that must now be considered sent to its target receptors worldwide.

What it means and who it’s directed at is anyone’s guess, but if confuso boy is any example we should expect to see an increase in crazy shooters crawling out of the woodwork. Kinda like that nutwing from Norway that killed adolescent “agents of multiculturalism” and who, kwinzdentally, demonstrated an uncanny prescience in color choice for his first public appearance… you’ll never guess.

didn’t have hair to dye

At this point, the only practical advice is to be wary of reddish-orange markers. You know, like places with flashy neon signs and things like that. When code Tangerine Tango is activated, they’re just asking for bad shit to happen.



Special TX to uncle J for the following photo of the Seattle Space Needle’s new paint job… the kwinzdences pile on fast and furious!


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