33033: Frequency Shift Wake Up Call

After much time pondering the meaning of the 23:23 Effect, this blog recently reached an unexpected milestone and, in passing, put forth the following moment captured in the screenshot below.

I don’t check the site stats every day, but that day I did. First thing I noticed was the number of total visits; then I noticed the time. What are the odds?


No odds. Universe doesn’t do coincidence. Synchronicity always has meaning.

According to esoteric numerology, 33 is a powerful number associated the Ascended Masters. Oddly enough, just the day before I was watching the video embedded below –great narrative, I highly recommend it– in which the Ascended Masters play a central role.

Call me a dreamer, but I take this as good tidings… and if you watch the video below, you’ll understand why.

The low energies on our planet are thick as treacle due to a conscious effort to concentrate the low vibes and trap us in their wicked gravity. This is not your standard livestock management technique; these are extraordinary measures for extraordinary times. The control matrix has one objective and one alone: to keep us from realizing the Frequency Shift is upon us and manifesting in front of our own lyin’ eyes in a thousand different ways right now. It takes a lot of noise to cover the sounds and sights of the Shift, and they’re sure making a ruckus with what the war, the crisis, the terrorist threat, the titty of Madonna and whatever they can toss into the burner to keep the engine running a while longer.

What they think they know about the Shift makes little difference now. They have no control over how, where, when and how it will choose to manifest. If you’ve ever wondered why the government considers you and everyone else a potential threat, this is why: anyone can be a Shift manifestation point, which makes us all potentially dangerous.

The time is now. The signs are everywhere, the pulse is accelerating and the planes are starting to overlap. We have the opportunity to either step up and embrace a higher state of Being, or stay trapped in the lower densities with Dick “Beef Heart” Cheney, a bottle of bourbon and a loaded shotgun. The choice is ours, now more than ever, but we must do it consciously or it will be made for us. And Dick don’t like drinking on his lonesome…

Special thanks to every one of the 33033 visitors that made this synchronicity possible!


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