Karma Marker: Fall of Spanish State

As the Karma Economics Desk prepares its upcoming special report on the Frequency Shift, we take a quick moment to highlight a karma marker that manifested in Spain yesterday, August 2nd 2012. Karma markers are events that mark the transition from one karmic state to another in clear and unambiguous symbolic terms, and when they occur in pairs it means the shift is going down on the fast track. This is exactly the kind of karma dynamics to be expected in this second half of 2012, as will be further elaborated in the aforementioned report.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Spain has two prime symbols: the constitutional Spanish flag, and the Head of State, King Juan Carlos of Bourbon. Yesterday, both fell. Literally, physically and, most importantly, symbolically. Quite mind-boggling from the synchronicity pov, but again, a sign of the times we better start getting used to.

The first event took place in the morning, during a military event which the king was assisting as Head of the Armed Forces. In a nutshell, the royal one did a noseplant on the pavement. The military uniform is icing on the symbolic cake, representing the real source of the monarch’s authority. Note also that, unlike previous royal stumbles, this time there is no-one at hand to stay his fall. That in itself is meaningful too.

Somewhere in elephant heaven, at least one pachyderm had a laugh

even kings bow to gravity

Later that same day, in case the first marker had not been clear enough, the gigantic flag in the cental Plaza Colon of Madrid snapped loose and came plummeting down. This particular flag is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in Spain.

all the king’s horses, and all the king’s men…

So, in summary, the two main symbols of Spanish statehood –three if we count the military uniform– fell to the ground during the course of a few hours on one single day. A situation of exceptional “gravity”? Well, from the karmic pov, yes. How exactly remains to be seen, but there is no longer any doubt about what is coming.

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