Karma Marker II: Star-Spangled Banner Was NOT There

Three days after the karmically-significant events in Spain covered in the previous post, there was another flag-falling marker that made the global news on Sunday August 5th. This case is interesting not just as another example of falling national symbols, but for the details it offers, having happened during the live transmission of the London Zion olympic games.

If three days earlier Spain had witnessed the literal fall of its king AND its flag in two unrelated events, in this case the context was slightly different but no less significant, involving the American flag in England, as shown in the video below. US tennis star Serena Williams had just won the Olympic women’s singles final at the legendary court of Wimbledon, and the medal ceremony was underway, in which the flags are lifted while the anthem is played. All was going smoothly, until suddenly…


Weird, huh? The pole seems to spit the flag out. Some observers suggest that this might be a Luminatty message… well, it’s a message alright, but not of Luminatty origin. As we always say at the Karma Economics desk, don’t look to conspiracy for what karma can explain.

Aside from the principal symbolic impact –the fall of the national flag– there are other details worth highlighting. One is the choice of location. Why would the US flag fall in England? This question is interesting in the context of US history, as an ex-colony that broke free from the British Crown, according to the his story books. But did it really? Or is the “USA” really a corporation called The Virginia Company, majority owned by the British Crown since 1606? How much does the USA pay in rent to the British Crown and the Vatican in the elite’s black $20 trillion with a T economy?

It is of course no coincidence the flag fell in England. The message was directed just as much to them as to Americans. The secret colonial gulag system known as democratic USA has reached an end, London City. Now it only depends on how long it takes to manifest in our density… and it won’t be long in our current state of Frequency Shift.

As a sidenote, the representative of the USA during this incident symbolizes the historic slavery of the peoples of Africa and America, thus it is fitting they should be present at the moment of symbolic ending of the modern slavery system.

Another detail of the incident worth mentioning is a small touch of icing on the symbolic cake. This one is for the folks out there who may mistakenly believe that Universe is as dour and humorless as they are. The truth is you haven’t really laughed until you laugh with Universe… that shit’s funny deep. If you sing along with the anthem in the clip above, you will see the flag come loose just as you’re singing “Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there…” Good one, eh?

Finally, note that while the “official” US flag plummets to the ground, there are still American flags visible in the crowd… in the hands of the people. Think about that, at least until karmic gravity pulls down the next thing on its long, long list. Heads up!

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