33:33 Frequency Shift, Karma and the Anahata Device

The Frequency Shift now manifesting –click on 33:33 (right) to see some recent events of heavy symbolic import– sets the stage for a transition of the karma economy, not unlike the money economy, to separate the junk debt from the real value. Think “good banks” versus “bad banks”, but in vibrational terms, and you start to get the idea.

What we call the Frequency Shift (FS) is a natural phenomenon of our solar system every time it completes a half cycle around the galaxy’s central sun. At these times our sun plugs into the source and get a recharge of super high vibrational energy and a frequency state upgrade. Right now this energy is beginning to manifest as we approach the full-charge singularity or zero point of Mayan calendar fame, and from here to December we can expect massive karmic debt defaults due to the “speeding up” effect of the FS.

The FS could also be called a Fundamental Shift, in that it is the ultimate bottom-up phenomenon, occurring at the vibrational level that underlies our reality and all its manifestations. Our entire Solar System is increasing frequency in a natural and harmonic way… wait, the entire system? No, there is a reduct of unharmonic energies churning on planet 3, caused by a bunch of half-baked quantum observers messing with reality in their quadrant. This is actually a bit of a problem for Universe, as quantum observers have the power to transform high frequencies into low vibrational manifestations, which is precisely what we 3rd planet humans are very busy doing right now, non-coincidentally.

There is a delicate balance to the Shift. The energies and their manifestations must flow freely throughout the entire system for the process to come to fruition. Right now human consciousness on Terra is blocking the flow on an important meridian, and this issue must be resolved before zero point or not only humanity but the entire Shift will be at risk. The stakes are much higher than the fate of humanity, thus we humans have basically two options right now: to resolve our issue, or have it resolved for us.

The issue, in the end, boils down to individual consciousness and choice. Our planet is, after all, a Free Will Zone designated by Universe, as hard as this may be to believe for us modern slaves. If we open our minds to the mere possibility of Shift, our consciousness may freely choose to further explore this line of thought or not. If we flatly reject it as impossible, however, we give our consciousness no choice but to ignore it. Our minds may be powerful enough to pretend the Shift isn’t happening, even to keep it from manifesting (to us), but not powerful enough to fool Consciousness. As well-trained as we are in the mental rationalization of dissonance, previous experience will prove woefully inadequate for cognitive management of what is yet to come.

Nobody can be forced, tricked, coerced or misled into embracing the Shift, because that’s everything the Shift is not about. Nor is it really an issue of faith, since it is not a religious concept but a natural phenomenon, like evolution. Indeed, it is evolution of Consciousness, described at length by the sciences of the East and no more “mystical” than a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Just another step in the consciousness ladder, as we’ve done so many times before as a species. When this is understood at the mind-heart level, the consciousness can align with the shift and go with the flow without fear or confusion. It really is that simple.

To prevent humanity from accessing and manifesting these higher energies, we have been tricked, coerced and herded into a bubble of manufactured density which we call reality but is no more real than the starship Enterprise holodeck. We know it’s a fake reality because it operates on economics of scarcity and dominance, both of which are the antithesis of how Universe really works. It is dense in violence, degradation, suffering, injustice and despair, because these emotions keep us wallowing in the mire like reptile feed in a dark bayou. And while we’re busy fighting for our lives –and losing– the Shift will pass, the window of opportunity will close, and many may never be the wiser.

But there is a catch: we’ve been in this fake reality bubble for thousands of years, drawing from the third density energies of planet Terra. But for our mother planet to manifest the Shift, the bubble must be either dissolved or cut loose, because it cannot exist as such at higher frequencies. And if it is to be dissolved, it can only be from within, by the massive awakening of the enslaved minds in a concerted expression of free will. If that does not happen, there will be only one option left. Remember the “good” and “bad” karma banks?

At this point it would appear that a certain amount of containment is going to be inevitable. The amount of karmic debt accumulated in this quadrant is so astronomical it requires its own customized intervention plan, with separation of assets by frequency and consolidation of the heaviest ones within a quarantined reality until Universe decides what to do with them. This is already happening, and it behooves each individual human being on the planet to decide which side of the separation process they want to be on when the window closes.

To better visualize the asset separation scenario, imagine karma as rising water. When it’s ankle-high, we hardly notice it. When it’s knee-high, some resistence may be felt; when waist deep things start getting complicated. When the currents are chest-high we lose our footing, and when they close over our heads, the heavy sinks and the light floats… get the picture?

Thus “karmic levity” –as opposed to karmic gravity– should now more than ever be the goal of every individual’s karma portfolio. As we have often pointed out in the past, the best hedge against bad collective karma is good individual karma, which, to follow the water analogy, works like a flotation device when the collective karmic ocean gets choppy.

The good news is that we all come factory-equipped with a “karmic flotation device”, located in our chests, steadily beating and just dying to float free. The bad news is that the Western tradition sees only the 3rd density manifestation of the heart as an organ that pumps blood around our physical bodies, and completely ignores all its other functions which are equally vital to our existence. Only now has science discovered the heart and the intestine (gut) have their own “brains”, areas of neurone density similar to the big brain. This is old news for the Eastern sciences, which locate the “Three Jewels” in the even-numbered chakras 2, 4 and 6, which are located in the gut, heart and forehead areas respectively.

Science has also recently discovered the heart generates a larger electromagnetic field around it that any other organ including the brain, extending up to seven feet surrounding our bodies and 10 times more powerful than the field around our brains. So that’s what Western science is figuring out now; let’s see what the real experts had to say about the heart in the Vedic texts of 5000 years past, which is much more relevant to the karma side of things.

pictorial representation of Anahata

The heart is associated to the 4th chakra, Anahata, which is at the centre of the chakra system (3 below and 3 above) joining the Elements of the material world (Earth, Water, Fire) to those of the inmaterial world (Sound, Light and Consciousness) through the Air Element. Does not air join Earth and Heaven in our reality?

But much more than that, the Air Element represents a place above karma, free of the density of the material Elements, from which decisions can be made based upon knowledge of one’s higher self, unbound by the laws of karma. This is what is commonly known as “following your heart”, and is characterized by manifesting love, compassion, charity, humor and hope, by being intuitive and joyful.

Our head brain is abstract and logical, our lower brain is impulsive and material. Anahata is the middle brain… remember the words of the Buddha about the middle path? Neither too tight, nor too loose… Do you see now, grasshopper?

In conclusion, since our pusillaminous and traitorous “leaders” don’t have the cojones to do it, let it be said:

Fellow passengers of starship Terra, this is not a drill. We have entered the Frequency Shift zone and are experiencing turbulence in the manifold, with space-time manifestations undergoing sudden readjustments and karma-driven synchronicity events in exponential increase.

In plain English, the shift is hit the fan.

Free and conscious activation of the Anahata “flotation device” is recommended. Remember who you are. Many of you have been waiting for this longer than you suspect. You know this in your heart.

Just ask it.



Art credits: extra good karma points!

Anahata chakra mrevilfx.deviantart.com/art/Anahata-Chakra-v1-1-51503171

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