The Euro is Irreversible, Repeat, Irreversible

Like most everything else in this world, words have been weaponized by the oligarchy of power to use against us common folk. This process, which here at 99PS we call the War of the Words, is reaching new heights as the official war machinery meets serious resistence from varied fronts brought together by the magic of internet. The same old tired propaganda and its vectors are just not getting the same kind of traction in the public consciousness anymore, mostly because the lies are being exposed, not in their entire crudity yet, but enough for most people to start smelling the coffee.

There are thousands of ways we are assaulted by words every day, from words of slavery printed on legal documents to words of deceit uttered by manipulators to buy and sell us. We totally underestimate the power of words, having been falsely led to believe that “words will never hurt me”, which is perhaps the most pernicious of all the lies we are fed as children. Yes, they DO hurt us, and more, they can drive us mad and make us do things we’ll regret for many lives to come. But they can also heal and uplift us, which is why there is a War of the Words going on right now… there are many battlefronts in the eternal struggle of dark versus light.

The official script to distract us from the massive wealth transfer currently underway is reaching new cusps of desperation and reverting back to the “true and tried” methods used by Goebbels, which consists of repeating a lie –the bigger the better– until it becomes the truth. Of course, back before Internet, this was technically possible to achieve. Today it’s so XX-Century it makes one want to plant a facetweet ROFL.

Current buzzword is “irreversible”, as in “the Euro is”. What this sentence actually means is open to debate, because it is clearly doublespeak with black memecraft aspirations. It could be wishful thinking, but EU officials know full well the Euro is fast approaching the cliff, so we must assume more devious intent.

Here is a selection of EU official script parroting for the international community:

And here is another selection of the same meme for the natives, including dear leader on cue.

“Irreversible” implies a controlled process in which monetary policy is purposefully led in one direction or another. This is subliminal “we are in control” perception management, and possible future deniability when sitting trial for destroying the Euro economy in the name of “austerity”.

“Hey, we thought it was irreversible! We prefer to appear as bumbling idiots than to be hung for treason!”

Beyond the choice of words, the sentence is too blunt and declarative for a bunch of politico bankster whores. I suspect it is but a fragment of a longer sentence which was edited for public consumption, something like:

“the Euro is irreversible… until the serfs finish servicing the Euro debt.”

Let’s not kid ourselves, that is exactly what all this Euro agony is all about: Germany grimly whipping the dead Euro horse until the PIIGS are bled dry to keep its bank exposure under control. Rumor has it the new Deutschmarks are already minted and printed and stashed away for the day the last drop has been extracted and Germany can finally shake off the withered husks of dead peripheral economies that are just a drag, you know?

There is a glimmer of truth in the sentence, however. The path of the Euro IS irreversible, just don’t ask where it’s heading. When it hits bottom, you’ll find out.

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