I Will NOT Consume

Today Sept 1st will go down in the annals of infamy in Spain as the beginning of the end of the corrupt government and their bankster masters. Today, among a host of “austerity” terrorist policies, the Value Added Tax (in Spanish IVA) goes up to 21%, meaning that more than one cent in every five of EVERY monetary transaction goes directly to the parasite class. Yesterday, the VAT was 18%, so the increase is only of 3 points, but a psychological barrier has been broken and the blowback will be as widespread as the tax itself.

One thing about leeches is they don’t have brains, because a brain offers no competitive advantage in the mindless task of bloodsucking. This is true of human leeches too; they have brains, but as a vestigial organ that is more trouble than it’s worth. Were they capable of firing neurones in sequence, they would already know that raising the VAT causes a global drop in tax revenue as folks respond to the hike by buying less. Thus we have the example of Portugal, which applied a similar rise a year ago and has collected 2 thousand million LESS than foreseen due to a huge drop in consumption in all sectors. Pretty smart, huh? Yeah, between the EU Peen technocrats and the rest of the bankster puppets in power, they got enough grey matter to spread thin on a melba toast.

Of course, it could be argued that this tax hike is not to increase revenue but to get the serfs used to making due with less as part of their evil plan to peenify us all. If this were the case, then it would be equally counterproductive for them: once we come together to fend for ourselves, the parasites will find themselves without anyone to feed off. Better make that half a melba.

One way or another, I’m actively boycotting this tax hike big time. As an independent professional, I not only must eat more VAT on my invoices, but also accomodate the hike in income taxes that start today too, from 15 to 21%. Needless to say, I will do everything in my power to minimize the impact of this theft on my bottom line and implement the principles of conscientious objection against the criminal behaviour of a government that has broken every single social contract with me and my fellow citizens, looting us and leading us into deeper debt slavery to the international bankster cabal.

As soon as the traitor Ratjoy announced the hike in July, I rearranged my payment schedules with my clients and invoiced the next 4 months of work in August under the old tax regime, thus eliminating income under the new regime. With two clients I have arranged a barter system of free exchange with no paperwork involved. I purchase food directly from farmer friends or from the neighbourhood organic cooperative, and if I need some winter gear I’ll buy it at the thrift shop. If I have to go somewhere that requires public transport, I’ll use a bike. If I want to buy music or watch a flick, it’s Spotify and Netflix all the way.

Every second of every day I will search for ways to NOT CONTRIBUTE A SINGLE CENT TO BAIL OUT BANKSTERS AND CORRUPT POLITICOS. I make it my personal objective to turn this tax hike into the single most disastrous event to befall the economy since the crisis began, and be the change I want to see in the world. And most of all I talk to others to ensure they understand how we’re being robbed and that full-out resistence is not an option but a duty.

Deep down I’m grateful to the leeches for making my task so much easier with their ham-fisted policies. After so long shining the spotlight into the darkness, it is finally dawning on people what the darkness was hiding all along. To many it is a shock to realize how deep the depravity goes, and now when I talk the crazy renegade talk, folks are tuning in like never before. If they walk the crazy renegade walk too, we’re going to be seeing a lot of redundant taxmen lining up for dole. And Universe will smile; and it will be good.

Light out.


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