Thar the Costumed Facha Blows!

Caveat lector: get your barf bags ready; this one’s projectile emetic…

Compared to Iberian slimeballs Ruiz “Lizardo” Mateos and Teddy “Judas” Bautista, today’s specimen is by far the most repugnant, for what it is and what it stands for. This douchebag is not an isolated case, but a standard profile within the Spanish armed forces. These are the remnants of Franco’s executioners and torturers, every fibre in their bodies goosesteps to the martial roll of fascism and they hate Catalans and Basques more than anything else in the world except democrazy and their own moby dicks.

suffers incurable moby dick

This blog has long contended that Spanish democrazy is even more of a farce than other democrazies, because it is built upon the remains of tens of thousands of Franco’s victims still buried in unmarked mass graves throughout Spain. After the threats proferred just days ago by infantry coronel Francisco Alamán Castro (aka el Puto Blowhardo) against the people of Catalonia, I rest my case. In democrazy, we pay this mfcker’s salary, along with the rest of the viper’s nest of traitors and war criminals lodged in the armed forces. We have never known “democracy” in Spain, and we never will until we do some really, really serious Spring cleaning in the caverns, flamethrower style.

So el Puto Blowhardo Alamán Castro came out saying that “Catalonia will become independent over my dead body”, followed by some rambling warning about “waking the lion that has demonstrated its ferocity so many times over the centuries”. This is a direct reference to the millions of Catalans slaughtered by Spanish armies since the Bourbons ursurped the throne 3 centuries ago, most recently in the post-civil war repression of the dictatorship. Classy, huh?

Now, I don’t care who this jerkoff is or where he comes from, nor do I give an airborne intercourse what becomes of such an empty shell of malignant memecraft. But it is a timely reminder that the problems we face in Spain run far deeper than the economy. Unpaid blood debts, crimes unpunished and so many wrongs that have never been righted. Democrazy never solved any of that, just swept it under the rug of fake debt prosperity and let it fester in the bowels of power on the taxpayer’s dime.

Things can only fester so long before they start to ooze. At another time, I would have suggested radical surgical intervention followed by some strong disinfectant, but I’m younger than that now.

Now I know Universe gives each of us what we need, and will grant our wishes to the letter. Yeah, even Blowhardo’s. Catalonia WILL be independent over his dead body. So thanks for the good word, sucka, and get on with it. We’re on a schedule here.

Light Out.


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