Graduation Day in the Tar Baby Dreamspell

wanna play huggies?

“They” have been in charge for so long it would appear it’s always been that way. Ruling over us like gods, breeding us like livestock and feeding on our fear & pain. We are slaves berthed to this density as tradable assets belonging to them, and trade us they do, in every possible way.

That was the first step towards understanding. Now, under the auspices of the Frequency Shift, higher understanding is forthcoming: it is not us inhabiting their reality, it is THEY who are trapped in OUR dreamspell. Their plan became our plan long ago, and we have brought us to where we are today.

They are the hostages, not us. And they know it, too. That’s why they dream of wiping out 95% of us, not to save the planet but to save themselves from our collective trap.

Humanity is the original tar baby, and we’re far more dangerous than our soft cuddly appearance would suggest. Not because we’re faster, tougher, meaner or smarter, but because we are co-creators of our own reality. This makes messing with us a risky proposition, as “they” have learned the hard way. Lacking the power of co-creation, they manipulate us to create the reality that serves them, without realizing that our dreamspell traps everything within it, including them. So now they’re trapped in our fake reality and depend 100% on us to continue co-creating these low densities or they will simply perish.

Universe has told them how it’s going to be: they can keep their fake reality bubble and all the humans that choose to stay with them. Said bubble will then be disassociated from the Terra frequency and set apart in a denser replica of the Terra interface. This will allow the real Terra to increase her frequency without obliterating them in the process, for there are many humans who still have dense issues to work out, and even the dark overlords are also part of a Universe that loves them unconditionally –much as burns their scaly assets to admit it.

Life in the replica will go on relatively unchanged for those who stay. For the power mongers there will be power struggles, for the lickspittles there will be plenty to lick. The victims will be victimized and the perpetrators will perpetrate. Those who scowl at the world from dawn to dusk will be scowled at by the world. The only difference is that everything will be denser, heavier, slower, darker and nastier. Again, this is not a punishment but a great favor Universe is granting those souls who choose to continue their work in density, a sort of intensive crash course with great karmic resolution potential.

Humanity is now undergoing a separation; yin and yang are pulling apart as we move beyond duality, and the grey areas are shrinking into the Singularity. The line is becoming clearly defined between those humans who choose to move on and those who choose to stay put; those who accept the light and those who reject it. It is time to be on our respective ways, no hard feelings, good luck with your issues and thanks for all the contrast. Graduation Day is upon us and the post-density program at Universe-ity is about to begin, so hang in there… some will return to share the good word. Can’t keep a Renegade down.

But despite receiving the acceptance letter, there is no time for celebration. Make no mistake, we are at war and engaging the Adversary at every level. Our Casus Belli? Right now there are billions that rightfully belong to the light but risk being tricked into darkness, people whose higher plan is to awaken in this lifetime, but that haven’t found the button yet. Despite the massive effort to trap them in the dense karma of coercion and violence, they are but a nudge away from hearing the call. They are the reason we are here, to ensure as many of them as possible make it back home, and that as few as possible are left behind. Our weapon is Free Will, to bring real Choice into systems of illusory dead-end options. Everyone has the right to exercise their free will and choose. Terra is a Free Will Zone; we ALWAYS have a choice, although we may be tricked into believing we don’t.

It’s Graduation Day in the tar baby dreamspell, you are free to wake up from its sticky embrace. Just press the button before someone else does it for you.


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