Crime Doesn’t Pay (Taxes)

Of all the terrorist austerity measures applied by the ruling kleptocrats of the PayPay (ironic acronym of the “Popular” Party) since lying their way to power, the “Fiscal Amnesty for Tax Evaders & Other Scumbags” has easily been the most reviled by pretty much everyone, which is no mean feat given the host of unpopular measures set in place by the Ratjoy (in Spanish, “rodent-friendly”) administration.

The fiscal amnesty is essentially an invitation for anyone who has undeclared money stashed offshore to launder it by paying a 10% penalty fee to the Spanish government. This means that while the average citizen struggles under a tax load that would make Caligula blush, the tax evaders who funneled untold millions from the economy during the boom years can legally keep 90% of their hard-stole money, no questions asked. Literally.

Finance minister “Squeakbob” Montoro thought this was the best idea since pickled hogtits, and to this day fails to understand why taxpayer serfs would get all riled up about it, considering it was going to bring a full 2.500 million euros into the emaciated public coffers. Yes, the official projection was that no less than 25 thousand million euros were going to come home and leave 10% on the way. If we consider this amount was probably a conservative fraction of the estimated total amount of offshore money, then the real amount of swiped cash must be pushing the billions.

Most folks assumed the government’s dogged insistence on this measure despite the public outcry (including many tax inspectors) was because they thought the crisis was a good cover story to get their tax-evading buddies a free pass. After all, what’s the point of being the mfcking dictator president if you can’t bail out your crooked buddies?

Be it as it may, seven months into the amnesty period and with only two months to go, the results have been, in a word, embarrassing, dismal and/or ghastly, appaling. A staggering 50 million euros have limped into the coffers (cough, cough) representing a bloated 2% of the original conservative guesstimate of 2500 million. Yep, and the guy who thought this up is still minister of finance. So if you wanna know why Spain seems to be stuck in a loop of constant impending failure, don’t ask Mr 2 Percento. A problem cannot be solved at the same level it was created.

What made the dipshits in government think that anyone who has gone through the effort and expense of making their hard-stole money disappear offshore is going to voluntarily bet a single cent on the empty promises of a government who is going to give the money directly to the international bankster cartel anyways? Especially when they know full well that the taxmen have neither the means nor the wherewithal to come looking for them as long as there’s a single wage slave left to squeeze.

At a time when even honest tax payers are reconsidering their support of a government that is dishonest, corrupt and engaging in economic terrorism under the guise of “austerity”, the failure of the amnesty comes to prove that even criminals know this administration is doomed, and any hollow promise they make will be unmade as soon as the next guy reaches office.

I don’t have riches stashed away offshore, so I can’t enjoy the pleasure of keeping them away from the taxman, but I create wealth with my labor and I will do everything in my means to not contribute to the bankster bailout, so help me Bob. So put me down as a tax evader, mr two percento, and maybe I think about the possibility of considering an abstract scenario in which the option of a 10% contribution is perhaps included as one of many hypothetical choices. Then again, probably not. I wouldn’t trust those two-bit peen puppets to turn the compost, much less give them the key to the toolshed.

Confucius say he who mans gloryhole gets squirt in eye. The PP pusillaminous posers are scorned by rich and poor alike, which makes one wonder who will be left to vote for them next time. Next time? What?

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