First, the War Criminals

Because the NWO cabal has opted to use war as a weapon against humanity, they and the other war criminals will receive the first “attentions” of free humanity. Until justice has been applied to every single criminal who killed, mongered and profited in wars of aggression, we will not be able to recover our dignity as a species, simply because we won’t have earned it.

Yes, karma will ensure everyone gets what they deserve, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the need to enact justice in a ritual and cathartic manner for the good of humanity as a whole. Every single person on the planet should be able to explain to their children why these persons can no longer be allowed to walk among us. The children will intuitively understand, and the ones that don’t will at least learn the lesson.

The current power structure is rotten to the core, led by traitors and psychopaths that have repeatedly brought death and misery upon millions for their personal gain. Although they often appear as distinct and unrelated interest groups, these criminals all operate under the same command, because pyramids are always topped by a single capstone. Who or what exactly is the capstone of the NWO pyramid, be it the redshield corporation and the roamin’ catchalick death sect in cahoots with queen elizziebeth or something else altogether, is an interesting question but one that is not vital to the task at hand.

There are currently dozens, nay, hundreds of war criminals who have been identified and confirmed by human rights jurists worldwide. The legal cases against them are as solid as they are damning, thousands of documents proving beyond a reasonable doubt that they conspired to provoke and engage in illegal wars of aggression that have killed millions and counting in the past decade alone. It is time to sit all these treasonous bastards in the dock and throw the book at them, hard. They’ll be selling each other out wholesale as soon as the first bail goes unpaid, which is exactly what mafia “hard guys” do when the tide turns on them. The charges will pile up like dead leaves in Fall to be blown into a big pile and set ablaze with charges of war crimes, treason, crimes against humanity, racketeering, profiteering, conspiracy and terrorism. That should be enough to roast marshmallows 100 yards out.

A pipe dream, you say? Well, it may appear that way, but appearances can be deceitful. The truth is there are many folks within the system that would like nothing better than to see the cabal fall and there are plans in place to bring them to justice. The real military intelligence community (ie the ones who are actually intelligent) knows full well they’ve been used to commit war crimes, and are thus the first ones interested in putting an end to the madness before the blowback reaches them too. So they have the means and the motive, one assumes they are just waiting for the moment.

The cabal’s strength is likely a deceitful appearance too. The shift in consciousness currently underway is what they fear most, more than armed insurrections, economic collapse and clean elections together, because the harder they try to keep awareness down, the stronger it rises. Without millions of sleep walkers under their spell, the cabal is nothing but a fistful of flabby reptile worshippers who could be easily put out of our misery by a single crazy with a blunt object.

The point is they are just humans. Actually they’re not, because psychopaths lack a vital element of humanity and thus cannot be considered fully human. But as far as their lifespan is concerned they’re just flesh and blood, be it copper blue or iron red. They may feel no empathy, but they do feel fear. Fear is the weapon they use against us; now let them get a taste of their own poison.

This is not a call for revenge, but a call for sanity. Revenge serves no purpose but to take what all mortals are destined to lose sooner or later. In the end, we can only take from them that which we gave them to start: our submission to their control. Plus, I believe they must be given the chance of repaying part of their huge karmic debts in this very lifetime, performing “community services” such as mine sweeping in Cambodia or filtering the depleted uranium from the sands of the Middle East and the crude oil and corexit from the Gulf waters. Of course, most will perish from the inherent rigors of these tasks, but the karmic payoff will serve them well in future lifetimes.

I do not hate them; in reality I thank them for playing their parts with such heartfelt intensity, but they made their choice and must walk the path right to the end. This isn’t revolution, just where the reel runs out and bright light fills the screen before the next movie begins. Think of it as a fitting closing sequence for a really long and not very entertaining flick that for some reason you never got around to walking out on but instead kept waiting for something nice to happen but it never did because these mfcking war criminals were stalking like Leatherface in every scene and your fingers are sore from gripping the edge of the seat. How would you end this annoying & overrated POS movie that’s put you out, oh, just the best years of your mfcking life? Yes, first the war criminals.

“Babylon Falls”, Scene 1212, Take 33. Action, camera, light!

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