Balls for Dickhead

Call it Mr Apocalypse or the Karma Repo Guy, you gotta admit karma’s got a sense of humor. And it enjoys metaphors most of all, because we live in a symbolic world and that’s where the real action is at. It is hard not to see the KRG’s hand behind the otherwise inexplicable moment captured on camera in the picture below. This is karmic laughs for advanced users, the kind commonly known in Spain as “laughing so as not to cry”.

So, without further ado, meet dickhead, yet another retard outed by Mr A by the expedient and increasingly common method of snapshots and social networks. Oh, and a politico of the Pay Pay party to boot. You know what the say about birds of same feather…

twice the man he used to be

This photo is cognitive dissonance at first glance. Why would someone with blood on their face look so pleased? At second glance, there seems to be something wrong with the top of his head, a tumor, perhaps? In any case, nothing to be happy about. Unless… yeah, that’s it. Tardo has a freshly severed deer scrotum on his noggin! No wonder he’s pleased as punch! And it’s leaking too! Now THAT deserves a photo, eh?

I kind of wish I were making this up, except I never would because of the suspension of disbelief factor. Mr A, on the other hand, doesn’t give an airborne intercourse about what we may or may not believe is possible, and will continue to beggar our beliefs as it goes about the business of putting everyone in their place.

So, what makes a grown man not only choose to place a bloody severed deer ballsack on his head but immortalize the moment and put it on Facebük? An anthropologist may suggest it is an atavistic behaviour from back when hunters would consume the organs of their prey in order to assimilate their prized attributes of courage, strength or astuteness. How exactly this ritual devolved into scrotums worn as headpieces, however, is another issue altogether.

Some metaphors are more literal than others, and some smiling psychotards with deer balls on their heads are just that. Mr A is here with a scrotum for every dickhead, which they will don with glee just to feel, for a fleeting moment, complete.

And we’ll judiciously ignore other literal metaphors involving detached body parts. Don’t want to be giving Mr A any ideas… .

Light out.

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