The December 2012 Electric Kool-Aid Sneak Apocalypse

December 2012… wow. And to think that only a couple of years ago many believed that by now we’d be frozen, drowned, impacted, invaded or otherwise decimated… what? Oh, right. I didn’t believe any of it either. Who remembers all that noise anyways; jaysis, it seems like a lifetime ago. When was the last time a holly wood wand blackbuster depicting the end of times was released? Talk about a fleeting fashion….

Sure, some folks are already gathering at different places to welcome the new age, but that’s just new age folks doing their thang. For most, 2012 has been a business-as-usual year, albeit one that seemed to go by quite fast. As we hit December, it looks like a world in turmoil, but not one about to end.


Of course looks can be deceiving. Any number of events can occur that can change everything in a single second, but that has always been the case and we can’t expect to receive fair warning because there isn’t space for everyone in the underground bases and we don’t even know the bases exist. So, for all intents and purposes, we may blissfully assume that 2013 is just going to be more of the same.

If you want to be contrary, however, you can instead blissfully assume that 2013 is going to be quite different. The good thing about this option is that it doesn’t depend on external circumstances, just on one’s own decision to change at a personal level. If I were to leave my job and go to the Amazon to study the sacred plants, the world won’t stop turning but my life would change radically. And if it did stop turning, I would probably be too busy digging out bot flies to notice. Either way, my expectation of a different 2013 would definitely be fulfilled.

It would appear that the rash of apocalypse 2012 movies and series was an exercise in reverse predictive programming, known in the memecraft business as “the fruitcake defense” or “poisoning the well”. By associating the legitimate and valuable Mayan calendar work done by McKenna and others with unrelated fruitcake Armageddon prophesies, the real issue of the Mayan calendar becomes part of the fruitcake and gets laughed off by common knowledge.

What the average person believes about the world and how it works is not my concern; my interest is why such poisoning was deemed necessary in the first place. Part of the answer should be evident by now, the rest may come at a later date* but the currents of change both individual and collective are too manifest at this point to be mere imagination. Let’s not kid ourselves: something is afoot. It goes by many names –the Frequency Shift, Mr. Apocalypse, the X-Factor– and it blends in so well that it is often hard to grasp, but it is most surely afoot and rising. By now most everyone can feel it, but few actually understand it for what it is, or more importantly, for what it isn’t. Like with the electric kool-aid: if you know the punch is spiked, you can relax and enjoy the trip; if you don’t know it’s spiked, you may well end up a gibbering mess in the emergency ward. Now, consider the X-Factor as the spike to end all spikes, and buckle up for the ride.

We have been told to keep a look out for the end of the world, but the real change isn’t happening out there. To understand what is really going on, we need to keep a look in at ourselves as individuals, lest the Apocalypse sneak up on us from inside.

Light out.

* for example clif high’s “global coastal event” of unknown origin expected between now and 6-13

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