Sneak Apocalypse Round II: Karmic Bombing Sleeple Shitrain

For the observer of karmic symmetry in the collective reality, the new year begins with a whole lot of shakin’ going on. Mr. Apocalypse is in full-blown sneak mode, digging away behind the scenes and tossing the dirt into the public eye, a lil’ bit here, a lil’ bit there and a whole bunch everywhere. The old system stands on feet of clay and Mr. A is here with the karmic jackhammer. Not a day goes by without a new scandal hitting the lamestream media fan and splattering all over the already-drenched public opinion. It is the proverbial shitstorm in constant drizzle mode punctuated with sudden shitsqualls, coming mostly from the minion class of corrupt politicos and others of the reptile-worshipping persuasion, shoving some sleeple awake in its sheer shitiness.

austerity shitrain fashion

austerity shitrain fashion

This is happening at a global level, in every nation of the world in one form or another, but few manifest the full gamut of symptoms as bad as Hispania, the Iberian patchwork monarchy stitched together with red tape and hot lead. The citizens of Spain, still reeling from the deadly left-right suckerpunch combo of crisis, austerity, unemployment, foreclosures, loss of savings, higher taxes and a steady diet of gloom & doom, now stand back in jaded mistrust as the system begins to bleed scandals as if cut by an invisible enemy. Somewhere out of sight, the knives are not just drawn but going for the kill.

For the past month, the daily front pages of Spain’s lead newspapers have been filled with case after case of crooked politicos and other mafia figures money laundering operations and secret accounts in Swisscheeseland. The most recent case cuts close to the bone of the ruling PayPay party of president Ratjoy’s (in Spanish, rodent-friendly) disministration, with the ex-treasurer of the PayPay having been found with €22M stashed in the Swiss, and threatening to pull the lid on the “sobresueldos” case of illegal slush funds in envelopes for PayPay politicos.

detail of Barcenas slush fund ledger

detail of Barcenas slush fund ledger

This is just the latest of in a continual series of corruption cases coming out from every corner of officialdom, from the small town mayors laundering money for the Chinese and Russian mafias to the chump change of the Duke of Palma’s tax evasion. This in itself is not a surprise, what has people shocked is realizing just how crassly they are being ripped off by a bunch of smug douchebags with no shame or scruples. Here’s a small example: in an email to his shady business partner, the Duke of Palma signed off as “Em-PALMA-do”, a play on his title to mean “having a stiffie, aka hard-on, woody, boner”. Classy or crassy, you decide.

Meanwhile, Catalans are getting whipped up into a frothing frenzy of “self-determination” led by politicos who are every bit as corrupt as their Castillian counterparts. This is what the sovereignity issue really is: the struggle of the privileged crasses to see who will get to keep milking the Catalan sleeple. The freedom of Catalonia will NOT be the freedom of the Catalans, that much is for sure, because the Catalan politicos that are now leading us to the “promised land” are the very same ones that have kept us subjugated to the Crown of Castille over the past thirty years, so their agenda is suspect at best. The bottom line is that they don’t give an airborne intercourse what language we speak as long as we work hard and pay our tithes dutifully for the greater glory of the Mother Land. Everything else, the language, the flags, the culture, are all distractions to keep the sleeple busy; the extractive elite at the top have their eyes on the prize, which is surviving the shitrain and ensuring their place at the top of the trough come what may.

In the midst of all the self-determination noise, a small piece of news popped up the other day that seemed quite related to the whole issue regarding the bombing of Barcelona. It may seem anachronic to dig up events that took place almost 75 years ago, considering the shitstorm we’re in right now, but in reality the current situation in Spain is indeed related both karmically and historically with the events that took place during and after the Civil War. This blog has often stated the opinion that the civil war is still being fought to this day by covert means under the guise of democrazy. What is happening in Spain and Catalonia right now has eerie echoes of the past, reinforced by the “out of the blue” reactivation of a judicial review of the bombing of Barcelona between 1937 and 1939. This has signs of karma coming ’round to hash out unresolved issues, pushing old buried bits and pieces of our story to the surface to remind us that nothing yet has really changed.

bombs land in Barcelona in 1937, photo taken from an Italian bomber

bombs land in Barcelona in 1937, photo taken from an Italian bomber

Or so it seemed. The reported judicial investigation into the bombing of Barcelona is a mere formality, but the fact that it surfaces the same day as the Catalan Parliament’s vote to declare Catalonia sovereign is a symmetry of ominous overtones from a karmic pov. The “us versus them” mindframe currently gripping both sides is just adding more tension to an already tense crisis situation without doing anything to resolve more pressing issues, thus clearly revealing its politically-driven nature. In the end, the denizens of this land are being used again as pawns in a bigger game they do not control, and will again suffer the consequences unless they manage to break free of the discourse which assumes the State as a necessary part of any collective model. Said otherwise, I got no beef with my fellows in other parts of the Peninsula; my problem is with greasy politicos that govern like mafia gangs and will stop at nothing to keep feeding at the trough of OPM.

he who laughs last...

he who laughs last…

I for one grow ever more disconnected from the particulars of the sound and fury, because I’m on the lookout for what’s coming up beneath it. For lack of a better understanding, I call it the Big Silence. It is the closing act of the sneak apocalypse, the curtain drop, the reset. Will it matter who killed or stole after that? Only karma knows. But right now there are still a few acts to play out before quiet time, and here and now it still matters.

Alea jacta est. Don’t take off the shit waders just yet.

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