Do The Cyprus Shake Down, Frankie

I was having a hard time describing my “sneak apocalypse” until the Harlem Shake (HS) killer meme surfaced. Now I can see it clearly… the sneak apocalypse starts off with a semblance of normality in which only one person is acting weird, and suddenly jumps to full-out bizarro in a single beat. The sneak apocalypse likes goofy oddball fun to balance out the hurt, and that’s what the HS is in the end, a human celebration both collective & individual of the bizarre times we live in.

In the fake world of banxters and corruption, they got their own version of the HS, yeah, you guessed it: the “harlem shake-down”. It’s playing in Nicosia even as we speak. Cyprus is the guy in the helmet doing the strange dance while the rest of the world sits around pretending nothing’s going on. Can you hear the beat? Won’t be long for the segue now…

It seems obvious that this attempt to raid Cypriot bank deposits under the guise of a bailout is no PR blunder but a carefully planned test or experiment just to see what would happen if. Cyprus is an ideal petri dish to carry out dangerous economic experiments: the EU’s smallest economy, an insular territory in dispute with Turkey and holder of hundreds of billions in Russian black money. If the test goes awry, it can be isolated to avoid contagion. If it works, the EU and IMF will make off with a tidy chunk of the Russian black money and have the perverse pleasure of crushing the Cypriot population while they’re at it.

The banxter strategy is the time-tested carpet merchant technique: start off asking for double the price and work your way down from there. 9,99%… what? Too much? But the troika wanted 40%! How about 5%? 3% and that’s my last offer…

No percents. Even 0,001% would be too much, although they already steal much more than that just through inflation… perhaps, as Sherrie Questions All speculates, the Cypriot parliament members each got a call from some PO Russian mafya boss asking them to choose between this tax or having a (live) family. Perhaps if this message were clearer to the banxters and their lickspittles we wouldn’t be in this mess. Maybe it will be clearer soon.

So, where has the love gone? Is confidence in the EU banking system shot? What confidence? Anyone dumb enough to have money in EU banks deserves not just a haircut but a wax depilation of their bikini line. Alright, that’s not fair, I admit. We’re all forced to have a bank account to do things like earn wages and pay bills, but ain’t no law says one must keep ALL one’s money in the bank… yet. Folks always told me that keeping one’s money at home was paranoid delusion… same folks who ten years ago said real estate was the best investment. Funny thing about this kind of common knowledge is that when it turns out to be completely wrong, no-one ever recalls having defended it.

It is, as always, a matter of perspective. How far over the curve can each one of see from our respective vantage points? Like the new papone of roam, ol’ Frankie. Seems nice enough, easygoing, down to earth. Heck, even I want to like the man, even though the institution he represents is IMHO the very root of all evil on this planet.

Problem with Jesuits is you can’t trust ’em further than you can throw ’em. They make of sneakiness their way of life… seems appropriate that the pope of the sneak apocalypse should be a company (of Jesus) man, does it not? Lying, manipulating, subverting, poisoning, destroying and yes, even killing is all okay in the Jesuit book so long as it’s done in the name of gawd.

Why had there never been a Jesuit papone before, despite the order’s influence? Precisely to counteract their power; the head of the Jesuits is known as the “black pope” and is said to be more powerful than the real papone, despite not being a cardinal or even a bishop but a plain ol’ father. Now for the first time, the white pope and the black pope are both company men… hard to understand why the conclave chose to break the cardinal rule and concentrate all the power of the holey sea into company hands.

Except from one perspective: if it’s Armageddon the Vatican’t is expecting, then they definitely want a Jesuit at the helm. A commander in chief, if you will, to rally gawd’s soldiers for the final battle against us lil’ human beans, the true sons of God.

Lives have taught me about subversion as an art of war; the pretense of belonging with the intent of destroying. The sad truth is that such covert forms of aggression are the norm in this reality and have been for a while, thanks in part to nutwings like Loyola. However, what the dark side thinks it knows about subversion is necessarily limited by the fact that there is nothing in Universe more subversive than light. While they were busy conning us, they themselves have been conned so hard that they can’t even begin to wrap their heads around it. The joke has been on them since the start.

Now it’s time for the last laugh.

Light out.

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