Fall of the Spanish State (II): Abdication Looms

Breaking news on the marker regarding falling symbols of state in Spain! A mysterious HTML tag from Spanish public TV RTVE has been leaked on twitter and shows the title of a program called “abdication of king Juan Carlos I” in the “news/specials” category.

The HTML code in question

The HTML code in question

RTVE has confirmed the existence of the tag –it was found in the public end of their website after all– but explained it as being “simply a category created to put related news into”, which hardly sounds like the description of a “news special”. The truth is the ever-growing shitstorm over the bourbon royale makes it seem quite plausible that his abdication will be happening sooner than later, and in fact is rumored to already be set for after Easter.

In any case an honest look at the olde bourbon rascal’s past year and it’s almost as if someone had put a pox on him. Aside from spending more time in the hospital than out for various operations and being no longer ambulatory, there’s another shitstorm brewing in the near distance regarding a floozie name of Corinna, an erstatz nothern princess and “special friend” of his highness. This is a really odd story of its own that goes far beyond the role of a mere courtesan and includes mysterious “services” for Spain’s intelligence services. Right now little is known about Corinna but much is being asked, bringing further pressure to bear on the crown.

Not to forget the ongoing scandal of kingospain’s son-in-law Urdangarin (meaning “take the money and run” in Basque) which every day tightens the judicial noose around princess Cristina despite her attempts to pass off as an honest bourbon breeding machine. Oh, and the lastest rumor on the mill regarding the future queen herself, sweet Leti the Furst, said to have been seen partying it up in the Madrid night til 8AM!!

I tells ya, with a royal family like this, why would anyone in their right mind want to live in a boring ol’ republic anyways?

2 thoughts on “Fall of the Spanish State (II): Abdication Looms

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