Princess Slips Noos, Mo’Nark Dances in the DooDoo

Pardon me. Just got off the big white telephone to Bob after reading the news that Cristina, the mo’nark’s younger, less repellant female offspring, has been dis-subpoenaed from her hubby’s smelly poo poo stealing public money business. What? Dis-subpoenaed? Is that even a word? Well, it is now.

Apparently, this is the first time in Spanish democrazy that someone has been let off without responding before the judge that issued the subpoena. Hey, there’s a first time for everything! Funny that it should coincide with the first time a member of the royal family is subpoenaed, but again hey, Universe is a funny place.

Sure, I ain’t laughing, but surely someone somewhere is… although maybe not who we think.

As has often been stated in this blog, the oxymoronic “spanish justice” is corrupt in the worse possible way, not in material bribes but in conceptual perversion. Their definition of “justice” does NOT and never has had any relation to Justice. They do not deal with Law but statute codes which exist only to subjugate and milk the herd. They are glorified accountants at the service of the corporate state aka democrazy aka “rule of law”.

This fundamental truth is considered crazy talk by many folks who stand under the codes and allow words printed on paper to rule every single aspect of their lives without question. It is admittedly a hard conditioning to break, perhaps the deepest and strongest of all the memeplex brain chains, the one that holds the rest together. Indeed even the majority of the freedom fighters in the blogosphere spend huge amounts of time and effort battling the system within its own logic and wondering why they never seem to get anywhere. To paraphrase Thoreau, hacking at the branches of evil is of limited effect, it’s at the root where the axe must strike.

So now we will witness public opinion get all riled up because it ain’t “equal” or “democratic” that the royal gets off scot-free while everyone else gets to chug a pint of fecal waters and foot the bill. Never has it occured to them that part of the democrazy message has been lost in translation, that “justice”, “democracy”, “rights” and other nice-sounding words have a very different legal definition in the arcane canon codes that have ursurped the true law of the land. That’s absurd! they cry out. You can’t just supplant the meaning of words and make them stick! That’s right, Citizen. That’s why you Under Stand the Statutes as a Human Resource aka Person under Maritime Law with a Certificate of Live Berth duly Numbered and Recorded as an Asset of the Treasury of the Virginia Corporation, but call it being an American and think you are free.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s healthy for folks to get riled up on something other than foochyball, it shows there is still some blood pumping through the body civil. And as always I hope this blatant exposure of the double standards of the system will prod a sleeple or two awake at last, although I fear it will simply lead to more sound & fury signifying nothing, waving the branches of evil to distract and divide us while the taproot keeps sucking us dry beneath the surface of our programmed worldview.

In any case, the last laugh always belongs to Universe. Having slipped the Noos on this occasion may not be the victory it would appear to be. As journalist Iñaki Gabilondo points out in his video blog the princess has simply switched one suspicion for another: from the initial suspicion that she may have been involved in her husband’s shenanigans, she is now suspicious of receiving favored treatment by the Spanish justice system. Instead of taking the opportunity to clear her name openly in front of a judge, she appears to be hiding with the complicity of the system, which indeed she is. What Gabilondo doesn’t say, of course, is that the system is designed to do exactly that… he may be aware of this fact, but knowing the limits of discourse versus common knowledge he simply points out the obvious.

Speaking of last laughs, we highly commend the guys from the “Polonia” show on public Catalan teevee for continuing in the best tradition of Catalan humor in this skit of the mo’nark realizing the shitstorm comes down… but never on him. Where’s the fan?


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