They Shoot Dogs, Don’t They?

Of all the craziness going down –mostly manufactured in pursuit of larger agendas– one issue in particular hounds me like a Jack Russell at a rabbit hole, namely the repeated incidents of police officers executing domestic pets in front of their owners, in a new low for jackboot thuggery. Here are a few illustrative headlines from

–Hawthorne, CA Police Arrest Man For Filming Raid, Shoot His Dog

–Off duty cop shoots his neighbors dog infront of their kids

–Wrong House! Cops Kill Vet’s Dog While He is gone and Leave Note

–Rochester, NY Police officer Shoots Family’s Dog in the Face

So what gives? Is this just a rash of isolated events or are these dots connected somehow? Unfortunately, these incidents fit in to a larger picture of overt conditioning for martial law that is currently underway, so it is unlikely to be random. A quick peek at the blog and the page should be enough to see method to the madness, a twisted reasoning that has nothing to do with officer safety and everything to do with the new normal of a police state.

I really hope this bulletproof vest works...

You really think this bulletproof vest gonna work?

Big Brother doesn’t like dogs, except the K9 units that will tear out someone’s throat on command. As man’s best friend, the noble canine attributes of loyalty, trust and protection are anathema to a treasonous system that protects nothing but itself. It follows that folks who appreciate these qualities in their canine companions are also suspicious and are lucky not to get shot too when their pets are executed. It also follows that dog whisperer Cesar “a pitbull ate my arm” Millan will probably require an entire SWAT team to eliminate his pack habit…

on second thought, better make that a drone strike...

on second thought, better make that a drone strike…

From an enforcement point of view, shooting dogs is all the fun with none of the paperwork. Plus it really puts a damper on all those smartasses who think they have the right to address or film officers performing their duty. Pop a couple of caps in the fcking poodle and they fill their diapers. What? The kids are watching? Good. It’s their future, after all.

The police state uses limited force to create pervasive fear, which is the only feasible way for a small number of persons to keep large populations under the boot. Actual violence only affects a small proportion of the whole, but the threat of violence affects everyone, and it is this that keeps us in line. How many dogs does a shepherd need to keep the herd tight? What if the herd also had dogs? What if they had dogs and guns too? You think the shepherd’s gonna be amenable to such an arrangement? Am I chasing my own tail here?

almost gotcha there!

almost gotcha there!

The dog-shooting craze transmits a not-so-subtle message to those with ears to listen: it’s gonna be a dog’s life when the thugs come marchin’ in. I mean real cop-eat-dog days. So keep your mutt out of harm’s way and, as always, shun the fuzz like the plague, because even the most even-tempered dog tends to get nervous around aggressive and threatening individuals. They can smell fear, you see, and they smell cops for the coward bullies they are, sweating fear out of every pore of their steroid-pumped bodies. Today it is the officers of strife, tomorrow it will be the infiltrated terminators who will target man’s best friend for standing by us in our struggle against tyranny and resisting side by side like true brothers in arms.

Yes, they shoot dogs, sweetheart, but the spirit lives on. So do the right thing, cause that’s what Fido would have wanted.

say it's so, Fido!

say it’s so, Fido!

Dog art credits: extra biscuit!!
tinfoil dog:

Cesar Millan from

Dog chasing tail:

Riot dog:

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