Keeping Democrazy Safe From Citizens

… and Some Words on Free Will

This photo, taken just a few days ago in Madrid, may be one of the best pictorial representations of the travesty we call democrazy, often confused with a principle called democracy despite being a completely different creature. The body languages, the disparity in numbers and even the very fence itself tell the story of a power not of the people but against them, protected by mercenaries and the rule of law. The good news is that the times that the elites could get away with murder are over; the bad news is that now only a barricade and a handful of uniformed thugs stand between us and them. Bad news for them, of course, because when those barriers fall there will be hell to pay.

we're supposed to believe this is what democracy looks like...

we’re supposed to believe this is what democracy looks like…

Unlike the US of A, which slid into the shallow grave of democrazy from the high ground of a constitutional republic, Spain’s rotting corpse after 40 years of dictatorship was shunted into into the pit of constitutional monarchism, which is to democracy what rape is to love. We know now that “democracy” as defined by the POWers To Be is in fact a form of martial law sugarcoated with a thin and ultimately false veneer of representativity, put in place as part of the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 (thanks to Jim Traficant for putting this on public record). This fact, which flies in the face of public hollywood education and is scoffed at by common knowledge, is the very essence of the photo above. Because if you don’t see martial law in that photo, you need to readjust your perception thresholds. When a city street is cut off by armed officials to protect corrupt politicians from peaceful protestors, that is martial law right there. A city street is a “public” space and cops and politicos are “public servants”, and yet when the actual public comes out, all “publickness” is suspended.

Democracy? No, this is what Chomsky calls “formal democracy”, which is the academically correct term for democrazy. On the surface it appears to be representative, but underneath it’s just soft martial law for grazers, scheduled to become hard martial law as soon as the other shoe drops.

The problems with Spanish democrazy are not exactly the same as those of American democrazy, although they share many similarities. In Spain we have an “extractive elite” problem of political clientism that is built in to the very constitution, a politico class that would rather sink the entire country than unlatch their lips from the teat. If we didn’t have to support the Papone of Roam (est. 10.000 million euros a year!!), the Kingospain + fam (officially 8 million/yr, off the books maybe x100), the court aristocracy, the banxters, the EU behemoth, the corrupt political parties, corrupt officials, their friends, families, acquaintances and blessed mommas, Spain would actually be a rich country. Bob knows it takes hard work to keep so many living big on the backs of so few!

Democrazy has conditioned us to believe that “law and order” is all that separates us from chaos and anarchy, but this is just another manipulation of the truth. Their “law and order” is just codified slavery, with penalties for the many and impunity for the few. What separates us from chaos is natural law, those rights which are our birthright as human beans: free will, the right to choose, the right to not be coerced, the right to self-defense, the right to dignity and the right to life. Together with the principles of “do no harm” and “treat others as you want to be treated”, our natural god-given rights are simple enough to write on a single sheet are effective enough to completely replace the corporate statute codes known as the “rule of law” aka modern slavery.

Universe grants us the right to choose, always. Free Will is our gift and our responsibility, and Universal Law ensures that we are given the opportunity to exercise it, always. This rule cannot be broken but it can be bent and twisted to trick us into giving away our free will by choice. The only caveat is that we be informed beforehand so that our consent is free, and indeed the NWO cabal informs us in twisted manipulator style, with codified symbolic rituals hidden in plain sight to be seen by all (and thus “consented” to if not consciously resisted) but understood only by a few.

The exercise of free will is a function of higher consciousness, for it must extend to all things and invade none. Lower states of mind fixed on power, control and material wealth (ie the cabal freaks) are incapable of understanding that free will does not mean “do as you please, by force if necessary” but rather “live your life as you see fit, and let others do likewise”; in shorthand “live and let live”. This of course makes little sense from the service-to-self perspective and can only be appreciated from a holistic view of a larger whole. It may seem like mission impossible for “live and let live” to flourish in our strife-ridden world, but free will is actually the preferred setting for Universe and it is always easier to row with the current than against it, as proven by the ungodly amount of effort and resources spent by the cabal to keep us under their thumb. If only a fraction of what they’ve stolen from us had been used in our benefit, the world would be a much nicer place. Alas, some lessons are learned the hard way.

Which brings us back to the photo. I see a tide pushing up against a flimsy dike, a forceful arm-waving yang wave meeting a passive arm-folded yin resistance. A lot of folks are getting mad as hell and standing up to say they’ve had enough. This is a first step in the expression of free will, the choice to resist.

It is as good a place to start as any other. Selah!


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