The Red Line

The war mongers are right: there is a red line, and it has been crossed. Not the use of chemical weapons against the people of Syria by the terrorist proxies of zion but the red line of public passive acceptance of the war monger script. Despite of, or perhaps because of, this last clumsy attempt to pin another Al-CIAda atrocity on the Assad regime despite all proof to the contrary, a mere nine percent of Americans support the idea of war with Syria, which even a police state cannot pass off as a consensus. Now the UK government’s eager participation in more war crimes has been put on hold by Parliament until the UN passes a resolution, which the war mongers know only too well will be vetoed by one or more of the permanent members. It would seem the boy who cried wolf is about to learn the moral of the story.

This is very much the modus operandi of Mr Apocalypse, Les Visible’s anthropomorphication of what we call here the Sneak Apocalypse. Mr A is sneaky as all hell and a poet to boot, who composes his verses in the language of unintended consequences on the great karmic canvas. For those who draw false red lines of aggression he saves his best poetry; war mongers are high on his repo list of karmic deadbeats for exemplary payback.

Union jack: double-crossing red lines... hmm, what does Maxwell Jordan say about that again?

Union jack: double-crossing red lines… hmm, what does Maxwell Jordan say about that again?

There is more than one way to draw a red line, and to cross it. The US war machine has been crossing their own red lines ever since the sinking of the Lusitania, in the standard double-cross tradition of the so-called cabal (war by deception etc etc). This method has worked for well over a century of American imperial projection with controlled media, but has unraveled over the past decade by overuse and, of course, the internet. Other red lines have also been crossed with impunity, such as the criminal activities of banxters and the minion class, the militarization of police, extrajudicial torture and executions, and again and again the mass murder of civilians in false flags and low intensity gladio terrorism.

There aren’t many red lines left that haven’t been crossed, double-crossed and trampled into oblivion anymore. And of those there’s only one that really matters: the line where humanity says enough, which lies in front of us right here and now. Perhaps this is Mr A’s grand finale, but it probably isn’t, because the war mongers will stop at nothing to save their toasty assets with false flags and deception. But by then it will be too late, the last red line will have been crossed and there will be no where left to turn. That’s when things might get really nasty, so be awake.

And forget all that demiurge bullshit about sending the light of love to these sick twisted bastards; that is an insult to Light and Love and only a fool would allow him/herself to be manipulated in such a fashion. If you want to send thoughts, then curse them for their crimes, curse them for the pain and suffering they cause, curse them for being inhuman psychopaths. Love may be the most powerful universal energy, but Righteous Anger is not far behind. If you’re willing to give them any thought at all, make it hurt. Cause if you think we can beat these demons without getting angry first, you’ve already lost. Selah.

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