Adios EuroVegas Adios

on second thought, screw the glass

Well, we’re all out of Olde English to celebrate, but there’s some Everclear in the freezer just waiting for that special occasion, so grab a glass and let us toast: to EuroVegas, we hardly knew ya, but good riddance anyway!

Dang! Where’s the chaser, y’all?

This blog, having diligently feared & loathed the EuroVegas (EV) project since its inception, isn’t overly surprised by the news of its premature demise. Since choosing Madrid as the site of their European reptile resort, the Vegas Sands crew has been basically bluffing to see how far the Spanish gummint was willing to bend over for some one-arm bandit action. And although the gummint was more than willing, something went queer and now EV is reportedly on its way to Asia, because nowhere says “scumbag-friendly” like Macao.

The Spanish gummint took the high ground with their official statement, calling reptile mogul Adderson’s demands “unadmissable” and surprising many with a display of backbone so uncommon among inverterbrates. The gummint saying no to (the promise of) money? WTF is going on? The answer can be found in Bloomberg, where the story first broke: an unnamed inside source from Vegas Sands said they were scrapping the EV project for reasons to be announced. Shortly thereafter, the Spanish officials made their public statement and pretended to be taking the initiative. So much for backbone….

Spanish official pretending to have a backbone

Spanish official pretending to have a backbone

In reality, Adderson folded on this project some time ago and we may never know exactly why. His exorbitant demands and unwillingness to compromise indicate someone who is upping the ante to get the other party to fold, not to reach an agreement. Despite their hard talk, the Spanish disministration wanted this project real bad and were willing to do whatever it took, so if Adderson REALLY wanted his lizard farm in Madrid, they would have found a way to make it happen.

As discussed in the previous post, Madrid is on a bad streak and has a major image problem right now. The cancellation of the EV project was likely the result of a bleak assessment of the capital’s future, and that of the entire country. The bottom line is that the big rollers –the banxters and other OPM hogscum that screw us blind every day– don’t like to eat where they shit, so it may be hard to convince them to come lose their hard-stole money in Spain, where no amount of neon glitz will cover the stench of pillage.

the eurovegas phantom complex under attack by rebel forces

artist’s rendition of the eurovegas complex under attack by rebel forces

In the end, just as well. The only advantage of having a gummint that is a serial sack of lying faeces is that even international scumbags steer clear of them, knowing that they will renege on their promises faster than one can say “relaxing cup of café con leche in the Plaza Mayor”. In the real world of austerity, losing the EV project may be the best thing to happen to Madrid, because now the authorities are all out of pipe dreams and will have to face reality. It ain’t pretty, but compared to Adderson and his ilk, it seems almost comely… or are we just grain-goggling again? Chaser?

Everclear photo from

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