New World Clash: BTC versus TPP

there you have it...

there you have it…

The New World Order (NWO) may be written in stone, but that doesn’t make it a done deal. Universe doesn’t do done deals and doesn’t care whether it’s carved in stone or tattooed on buttcheek. Every system carries within it the seed of its own destruction, the code of its nemesis waiting to manifest when the order grows weak following the universal cycle of change. The self-styled NWO has conspired long and hard to cover all contingencies in their plan for world domination, but that was before their destroyer became manifest. Now their ponzi schemes are all a-shaking, because that’s what nemesis does: strike at the root to bring down the trunk and all its branches.

First of all, there is nothing “new” about the NWO, at best it’s just the old world order on botox. The NWO codifies its power in secretive trade treaties under maritime jurisdiction like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), chock-full of draconian corporate statutes meant to replace the law of the land in the 12 member countries, to start. This is their standard modus operandi, to hide their control in “plain sight” within maritime trade laws such as the Unified Commercial Code, which is based on Admiralty Law which in turn is based on Vatican Canon Law from 2 thousand years ago. These codes of statutes (not to be confused with laws) literally pretend the planet’s continental landmasses are underwater to drown the law of the land in corporate tyranny. Their institutions are corporate vessels flying privateer colors with carte blanche (UCC, NAFTA, TPP etc etc) to pillage at will from the territorial assets, including all and any available human resources.

Problem for the NWO is that their shadow control fantasy wetdream needs to be kept in darkness to work, and with the advent of the internet now there are many folks that have caught on and understand what needs to be done, like finding ways to get out of the debt-based fiat currency scam that feeds the entire operation. We need a new currency for a new time, a game-changer, a paradigm shifter: we got BTC, the bitcoin, not just the currency per se but the technology and the revolution it brings in its wake. BTC is the Nemesis of the NWO, because their whole control structure is absurdly expensive to maintain and if they can’t literally make money from thin air there’s no way they can keep the machinery running. At the rate that fiats are “leaking” into bitcoins and other non-trust-based commodities, their ability to get us to pay for our own enslavement is eroding at an ever-growing pace, which tosses a big wrench in their plans to grind us into abject misery while they mack out in orbital space stations.

Until now the contenders, TPP on the side of the new order and BTC on the side of free humanity, have been moving mostly under the brainscream media radar, the former being a secret and the latter being a still-emerging new phenomenon. But within the blogosphere both issues have been getting a lot of attention and our BTC contender that looked like a 90-pound wimp a year ago no longer seems so wimpy anymore.

less wimpy and definitely more scary

less wimpy and definitely more scary

The TPP, on the other hand, has been dragged into public awareness by internet activist organizations and called out as more of the same ol’ corporate bitch hard talk by those who believe they can never run out of means to enforce all their twisted codes.

The money lenders thought they could buy the world and make us pay for it not once but thrice. Karma celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve Bank by giving humanity a great gift: open currencies for free peoples. As Mike Rivero’s Lectro coin reads: “We Learned Our Lesson. We Trust Nobody!”… and we use decentralized network currencies with no trust involved. It took a century of crashes, bubbles, inflation, fractional reserve and a 90% loss of value of the dollar for us to learn, but we finally got it… and came up with something much better suited for OUR needs.

'nuff said

’nuff said

This one is the motherlode, and although there is nothing written about how it ends, the phrase “sic semper tyrannis” comes to mind. So keep an eye out for chunks of ponzi scheme falling from the sky like the charred remains of a death star, and may the blockchain be with us.

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