2014: Year of the Hungry Beast

Well, we’re a couple of days into 2014, and boy it feels good to have left 2013 behind. What a drag of an annum last year was, so much noise and so little substance. Here in Spain the cryptofascist PeePee gummint has set the country back twenty years in the past year, implementing the God’s Work lobby agenda (which was carefully omitted from their campaign platform) by legislating against two decades of social progress. A few days ago was their big moment, when the congress voted in a new law that makes abortion basically illegal again, much to the church’s delight, but that was just the cherry on their retrograde pie. The real prize is to destroy the productive economy and return Spanish workers to their medieval serf status in order to ensure the survival of the extractive elite. This objective was also omitted from the elections they won two years ago promising to solve the crisis, reduce unemployment, not raise taxes and put a salted pig’s ear in every cauldron.

Actually, president Ratjoy and his rodent-friendly disministration managed to break every single one of his campaign promises in the first six months of the first year, thanks in great measure to the absolute majority brain-dead voters gave them, although according to polls if elections were to be held right now they would be cleaning the congress bathrooms, not occupying the majority of seats. I swear to bob that anyone stupid enough to go out and vote for an establishment political party ever again deserves everything they get and more.

It is common knowledge that Spanish political parties are the most corrupt of all institutions because they are false democratic façades to a feudal monarchy and the lynchpin of the extractive elite’s access to their subject’s wealth and labor. Commissions, paybacks, privileges, nepotism, juicy sinecures and a long etcetera of devious manners to suck on the hogtit of OPM. This has been the standard modus operandi of the extractive elite since Rome became an empire. An ancient business model that has stood the test of time surprisingly well, mostly because it makes of its own survival its highest priority.

We are well advised not to forget this as we enter the new year 2014. Right now there is a higher chance of heavy wigginess going down than ever before, given the fact that the speeding train wreck of a global situation has only picked up speed over the past year. Nothing is getting fixed –cryptocurrencies being the honorable exception– and indeed it seems that massive destruction, war and debt default is the elite end game because in any other scenario, in short, they lose.

So my prime resolution for this new year is to starve the Beast, avoid as many taxed transactions as humanly possible and cut off the funding for the death machine. Not in my name, not with my collaboration, not on my dime.

I resolve to work in bitcoin or paid in kind. To grow own tobacco and use bicycle daily. Make sourdough starter and bake bread. Purchase directly from farmers. Buy used (no VAT). They are little things, but done in consciousness of the greater purpose they can be very empowering. Especially when a few million homies get down with the program.

I also resolve to think real hard about the upcoming “Catalan Question” referendum. The Ratjoy has sworn to prevent the referendum at any price, even though the vote slated for November of this year is a non-binding question to gauge public support for independence, not an actual vote to become independent. One way or another, the question itself is a bit of a twisted artifact which will be subject of a closer analysis in a future post. Oh, we have long months ahead to talk about all that… until the tanks take the streets of Barcelona. Then all bets are off.

I furthermore resolve to found a new cryptocurrency, or if not feasible, find someone else’s.

Finally, I resolve to keep posting here until further notice. People need to know what happened here…

Make the most of 2014, heads up and may the blockchain be with us. Hungry beast on the prowl…

feed me seymour, feed me all day long!

feed me seymour, feed me all day long!

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