Black Memecraft Alert – “Sovereign Citizens”

So this term surfaced like swamp gas from the murky depths of the national security cesspit, and somewhere in the background a memecraft detector started blinking. It took a while to realize why; only after reading the FBI’s description of “sovereign citizens” did the craft become apparent, and, as agreed, it is presented here disarmed and for demonstration purposes as an antidote to its toxic intent.

The context this term is found in has to do with the process that will allegedly be used to lock up dissenting American citizens in camps when the SHTF; after being detained, they would be classified as “sovereign citizens”, stripped of their US citizenship and held outside the Geneva Conventions to become stateless prisoners, neither political nor combatants, simply indefinite detainees. Note that this memecraft alert does not endorse the veracity of these claims, although given the evident parabellum nature of the term they cannot and should not be excluded.

Now, this blog tends to work in a “sovereign state of mind” and likes to explore some of the ways the Power Structure undermines and subverts the sovereign status of the humans it calls citizens. It speaks of such fringe radical figures as Jordan Maxwell, John Harris and others who help piece together the larger picture of our predicament as human livestock on slaughterhouse Terra. Heck, it even goes into the so-called “Redemption Theory” mentioned in the FBI report, which posits that the US went bankrupt in 1933 (true) and began using citizens as collateral to its debt obligations (true, but that started in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act “Hypothecated” all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and the IRS was re-founded to collect “income taxes”).

But our real thang is the memecraft. They’re pulling all the stops to keep certain emergent key terms from gaining traction by twisting their meaning by association. The threat posed by all the sovereignity talk is not that some “kooks” like to think the gummint doesn’t own them, as the FBI report implies, but that in fact we DO have sovereign rights as human beings, ones that we were born with and had waived the moment we were issued a certificate of live cargo berth and became tradable assets aka persons. These rights are no secret and have been expressed many times in many ways but perhaps the best is still –uh oh– from that old written parchment some may recall from his story class… watch out, this is dangerous stuff, folks! So dangerous, in fact, that it is presented here paraphrased in updated parlance to protect you from the legal consequences of reading the original, uncut and unrated version:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Humans are created equal, that they are endowed by Universal Law with certain Sovereign Rights, including but not limited to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of their Purpose.

Since the State cannot dispute the veracity of these truths, it works on destroying their self-evident nature by threatening those who espouse them with privation of those very rights, which makes most people doubt they ever existed in the first place.

Hint: the original looks something like this; arrow points to the place where words to this effect could possibly be found

Hint: the original looks something like this; arrow points to the place where words to this effect could possibly be found

The Sovereign Citizen Oxymoron

What makes “sovereign citizen” black memecraft is the term itself, which joins two mutually exclusive conditions to create cognitive dissonance, aka an oxymoron. Simply put, a “citizen” defined as “a person who legally belongs to a country” and who stands under the authority that grants/revokes the citizen status is never “sovereign” in the sense of “having independent authority and the right to govern itself“. One concept excludes the other, like “male princess” or “organic GMO”.

Thus “sovereign citizens” are neither fish nor fowl, which is the ultimate point: to create an empty label with no legal basis to justify the use of force against individuals that have committed no crime but don’t get down with the program. Think non-enemy combatants, domestic trrrists* (?? drop kids at school, bomb post office, make dinner?) and other incongruent labels that allow for indefinite detention without charges under secret national security provisions. “Sovereign citizen” is another one-size-fits-all label that casts a wide net on everything from preppers to phyzz freaks, organic gardeners, bloggers, activists, gun owners, rainwater collectors, artists, freegans and pretty much anyone who tries to squirm out from under the jackboot by creative, non-violent means.

The use of the term “citizen” is also a legal shenanigan to waive the “human” status of the sovereign individual. Because as long as you’re a “citizen”, your human rights stand under the Statute Codes and all those nice-sounding self-evident truths no longer apply in a practical sense. Same goes for “sovereign person”, no can do. Only thing that is sovereign is the Being, thus only it can claim this condition. We are sovereign beings in human form, no more, no less. We can also be citizens if we choose, even subjects, but as long as we stand in human form our sovereign rights are with us always. What we do to exercise and defend them is another matter; suffice it to say it is the System’s highest priority that citizens do neither and it dedicates ungodly amounts of (our) resources to keep it that way, so it is an uphill battle, but not a lost one. The aforementioned “sovereign state of mind” is the first step in the long path to the sovereign being, for there where the mind goes, the body will follow… assuming it is not detained for domestic trrrism, of course. So be smart and hang tight: you will be needed in the reconstruction effort.

*disarmed notation; vowel pin removed.

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