Wanted Fled or In Dive

Time to Put a Price on Their Heads.

For entertainment purposes only… 3 to 1 baby!

Brought to you by Mierdi, official mascot of the Gummint o S'pain

Brought to you by Mierdi, official mascot of the Gummint o S’pain

Not a day goes by without the huddled masses getting ripped off by a new cock-up by the corrupt S’painful gummints (yes, there is more than one) without anyone or anything being able to stop the criminals running the show.

This time we have a ripoff scheme devised and implemented by the gummints of S’pain and Cattle-own-ya in the form of a new tax on gasoline to pay for healthcare, which, after collecting some 13 thousand million euros from the gasoline-chuggin’ citizen-taxpayer-person-assets, has just been declared illegal by the European Court. So now the question is: what happens with all that munney? I mean, that adds up to over 275 euros for every single one of the 47 million S’painfuls in headcount, which in the current shitstorm would surely be welcome by many for those little special luxuries like food and shelter.

Unfortunately, reinstatement of the stolen money is no longer constitutionally possible thanks to the banxter stooge politico scumbags that voted to alter the S’painful Constitution to make the payment of the debt interest the first priority in public spending, in front of other lesser concerns such as healthcare, pensions, employment and the maintenance of a functional national economy. This was done under the auspices of stooge-elect Zetaparo in 2008 to placate “the markets” and keep the Troika vultures at bay, and represents an act of high treason against the S’painful peoples by every single politico that voted for this abomination, essentially selling us out entirely to the international baxter cartel which –lest it be forgot– charges interest on debt-based reserve notes it creates from thin air.

In reality, any person who may wish to consider the possibility of maybe attempting to perhaps retrieve their illegal health tax money will need a receipt (not a cashier’s ticket but an actual receipt with the purchaser’s name and ID number included) for every tankload of gas being claimed –credit card extracts not allowed as proof of purchase… psyche! Which disqualifies 90% of the gas-consuming taxpayers from the get go, leaving only transport companies who keep these kinds of records eligible for compensation. Which leaves some 10 billion left over for the House… howzat for a scheme! Almost as good as creating it from thin air, eh?

The ugly truth is that S’painful taxpersonassets ain’t gonna see a cent of all that money because it’s just not there anymore, no existe, adios. It disappears to pay the interests on the national debt faster than they can rake it in, so it belongs to the banxters now. In fact, the small percentage of the total that will finally be restituted will be financed by further debt and serviced by further taxes that will also be found illegal and so on ad nauseum, an arrangement that suits the gummint just fine so long the personassets keep paying.

Despite all odds, this blog insists in providing Universe with potential alternative outcomes to choose from, just in case it feels ornery and such. Like using the illegal health tax money to put a price on the heads of these scumbags for the crimes of high treason, extorsion, racketeering, abuse of power, corruption and austerity terrorism against the peeples of S’pain and Cattle-own-ya, don’tcha know. With all that cash we cound pay a pretty premium to ensure the efforts of the best bounty hunters and still have a bunch left over to party. Heck, we could even call in Feta Bobb and his crew of pipe-hittin’ intergalactic homies to cast these fckers in carbonite… what? Albanian chicken poachers with burlap sacks? Well, not quite as glamorous, but if that’s what it takes, so be it.

Yes, it is true that this plan involves paying wadloads of cash to unsavory and despicable characters, men who hunt other men for fun and profit. However, in that sense it is no different to the current plan, which also involves paying despicable douchebags –men who impose misery on other men for fun and profit– but with a happy ending. You want circus with your bread? How about a cheese bacon circus deluxe on a toasted fun bun with a side of slaughter? That’s right, a public odds chart will be used to evaluate the going bounty for each prize collected depending on the charges against it and the state in which it is delivered, and the odds will be adjusted upwards as the number of prizes shrinks and only the most wily ones remain fled or hiding in dives. The best part? Everyone who wants to bet on the outcome may do so, and all winnings will be tax free! For entertainment purposes only!

So bring us the craven, twisted souls that sell out their brother man every day, for no man is above the Laws of Man and every Head has its Price. Let Justice draw her veil and pick up the Sword anew; let loose the Dogs of War on their creators and may the Odds be always against Them, for I Bet my Mortgage on it. Ra-men!

Feta Bobb: screw your banxter debt notes; it's phyzz or bust, bitchz!

Feta Bobb: screw your banxter debt notes; it’s phyzz or bust, bitchz!

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