U Kraineing Me?

Let the drums roll and the sabres rattle for another kabuki act of international conflict by the criminals that be! Where is the finesse and narrative control of yore? Can these bumbling fools really be as inept as they seem, or is it some ploy to make us feel smart? When do the cutouts get tossed under the bus? Can it be a double decker? I love double deckers!

So the US gets outed as having spent a cool “fck the EU” 5 billion on throwing over the elected government and putting their preferred banxter peen puppets in power and then says Russia has no right to protect its interests in Ukraine. Can you top the sheer brassiness of the cojones? Imagine if you will the battle scenes from Maidan Square in Kiev happening in Washington, with the firebombs and burning tyres and even a mofoing bulldozer. You think the criminals holed up in DC are going to be amenable to such an arrangement? Yeah? And support the “transitional government” too, right?

What a lying sack of hypocrite dogshit vomit these psychopath motherfckers are! Excuse the outburst, but it had to be said.

The US and the other usual suspects in global subversion and regime change have caused a great harm to the people of Ukraine, and what is yet to come. Forcing them to choose between East or West is a cruel fate for a culture that could be both or neither if only they weren’t living in a geostrategic buffer zone crossed by pipelines and prized by warmongers since the dawn of empires. It’s not even a choice, really, they are just spoils of war to be taken by the victor (excepting ex-prez Victor Yanukovich, his corrupt asset already lost).

To call the objective of joining the EU a bad mistake that will only bring debt slavery and misery to the people of Ukraine is not a pro-Russian stance, just common sense. Especially now that the pro-EU coup has been consummated, any thinking Ukrainian will have realized that the EU thugs backed by the US will not take no for an answer and are willing to use overt violence (apparently including shooting their own demonstrators at the Maidan), which is a clear sign that they bring nothing good in their wake. Loot the gold, send in the debt vultures and wring the place dry of wealth; the colors are beginning to fade from so many rinse and repeats, but it still manages to do the trick… or does it?

The wild card in the Ukraine deck is the Crimea ace. This is the crown jewel of the entire clusterfck, the strategic prize of Russia’s only warm water naval base anda big reason the US is willing to spend so much money on the operation. But Crimea has only been part of Ukraine for about 60 years and has just voted to return to the Russian Federation, which means the conflict is not over but just beginning. The people of Ukraine will be trapped in a crossfire between factions, and will be considered legitimate targets for false flag trrr events in a bid to manipulate public opinion to one side or the other. One can only hope the balance of forces will keep the territory from being balkanized or worse, syriaized.

This regime change coup is similar to the others, but different in some fundamental ways. One difference is the Crimea wild card, which brings into play the direct intervention of the Russian armed forces, even though the soldiers march with their emblems removed, which may actually be a first in the history of modern warfare and is a clever counterploy to the US use of proxy forces to advance its agenda. It’s all about deniability, which is the politico term for lying through their teeth. So we see the Russian troops with all their gear massing in and around Crimea and Putin sits there and says: “what Russian troops?” and the international war criminals choke at the taste of their own medicine. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but I can sure appreciate his smoothness thus far in putting them a nice hammerlock, just for warmers. You see, the powers are playing out a familiar scenario: the war criminals are the schoolyard bullies picking on the weakling, until Big Brother Putin suddenly steps in to defend his little brother and kicks the closest bully in the nutsack. Now we’re at the part that the bullies, having soiled themselves a wee bit, now stand there trying to not look like a bunch of coward dickweeds while Putin stands firm. Who can’t relate?

Unfortunately, all semblance to fiction ends when two nuclear-armed powers enter a stand-off like this, especially with rogue elements in constant provocation. There is no doubt things could get very ugly very quickly; all we can know for sure is that if there is a war, it will be a war against humanity under another guise. One may or may not subscribe to the idea that the real state of the art in military technology (anti-grav, plasma etc) renders all commonly known weaponry obsolete, so all wars are strictly theatre, just another extreme grazer herding technique. One way or another, we are still the targets, because the bottom line is not about Ukraine or Crimea or gas pipelines or who has the bigger missile, but of creating the conditions to let the other jackboot fall.

Blowback… this term was coined in the context of the war on trrrism, but it is obvious by now that this was not the kind of blowback the criminals in power are anticipating. In part because they are the trrrists and in part because the criminal elite’s true war has always been against the citizens of the world, and they have always known that when blowback time comes, it will not be trrrists trampling the garden petunias at 3Am bearing torches, pitchforks and smartphones. Thus the purpose of the domestic army spread out among the alphabet agencies is to target citizens, preparing for the day that karma decides to bring it on.

If Ukraine were an opera singer, she would be the oversized soprano that performs the closing aria. Don’t wait for the curtains to fall if you plan on exiting the premises. Selah!

Thumbnail art credit: freakingnews.com

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