Useless Eaters on an Overcrowded Planet

… Who? Where?

The issue here is the utter & absolute failure of the self-proclaimed elites (including the breakaway civilization, if you dig that kinda jive) to provide “leadership”, unless by leadership you mean “stealing, lying, killing and lizard worship”. Their desire to “thin out the herd” by 95% is not the unfolding of an ancient plan but an urgent need to not be held accountable for their disastrous management as self-proclaimed “stewarts of spaceship Terra”. These people take the concept of “criminal incompetence” to a new level, they are much more useless as stewarts than I’ve ever been as an eater, that’s for sure. At least I eat from my own dish.

Let’s begin with this overpopulation issue: black memecraft at work, folks! Some researcher proved that every human bean on Earth could have a quarter-acre plot of land and fit all together in Australia with a chunk to spare, leaving the rest of the planet devoid of humans. This is not a practical suggestion, of course, but it is a good way of putting things into perspective, and indeed anyone who has traveled a bit has seen with his or her own eyes that there are vast expanses of fertile land devoid of any human habitation all over the place, usually because they are privately owned and kept empty by statute (Agenda 21, if you jive that kinda dig).

The overpopulation meme is based on a non-sequitor extrapolation of the urban high-density population model, something of the logical order of: “the North Pole is full of penguins, ergo the planet suffers an excess of penguins”. Overpopulation implies there are too many human beans on the planet, which is a lie and a pretty transparent one at that; the problem is not our number, but how we are distributed and what access we have to the basic necessities of life. To associate the fact that half the world’s population lives piled up in cities with the notion that there are simply too many people is a particularly nasty and brazen ploy brought to us by the same criminals that invented the economics of scarcity, the first rule of which is “make shit seem scarce and folks seem abundant” in order to inflate asset value by duping the yobs that actually work for a living. There’s no room for you on your own planet! Honest!! And oil is dead dinosaurs! Really!!

Now, the “useless eaters”… this is a classic example of what shrinks call “projection”, which basically means accusing others of defects that belong to the self, in Spanish: “thieves think everyone is a thief”. The truth is that if anyone fits in the category of “useless eater”, it would be those that steal the food of others and produce nothing of value. We’re not the liability in this business model, they are… and they are acutely aware of this fact, so they twist it around to present us as the useless ones. Never mind the fact that without us selling our labor to them in exchange for their worthless fiat currencies, they would have nothing, because we are the wealth generators and they are just parasites. And if we are such useless eaters, why do so many people go hungry every day? Food for thought, you know, grist for the mill, sauce for the gander and all that.

We live in an Universe of duality, a two-faced coin, yin and yang, an inside to every outside and a shadow cast by every light. The elites like to consider themselves somehow separate from the rest of humanity, but that’s just an illusion, there is no separate in Universe, they are part of us and we are part of them, and everything else is just a game we play. But there are many ways to play this game, and most of them a whole lot funner than this lame incompetent elite scheme which only a reptile worshipper could love. In fact –and this is a closely-guarded secret they would rather you didn’t dwell upon– you are actually authorized by Universe to make up your own rules and play your own game, so long as you do no harm to others in the process. Free Will, it’s called. Of course there is a price to exercising it, just as there is a price to not doing so. Heads or tails? We’re all gonna end up on the flip side anyway, right?

So let the useless eaters have their just desserts already! We have a planet to move into here!

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