The Alien Savior Cometh

…except it’s probably not alien and it ain’t come to save you.

The sudden uptick in exomemes after the post-2012 lull is like opening the sock drawer and finding that old sock you hadn’t seen for years sitting in full view just a few days after throwing away its twin because it had been unmatched for years. It takes a while for the implications to sink in, and then suddenly it all comes together in a sudden burst of understanding and you start searching for the interdimensional rabbithole at the back of the drawer.

can you see it? in the back? like a dark... something?

can you see it? in the back? like a dark… something?

That’s really the only way to explain the peculiar way the “brother extraterrestrial” term resonates in this piece about the Vatican astronomers looking for Bob knows what in their macked-out observatories. It has a certain über-meme quality that resonates with a number of smaller and seemingly disparate memes in a far-reaching pattern. The “alien savior” meme is a spinoff of the NWO “alien threat” conspiracy fact, as explained by Nazi scientist Werner Von Braun to Carol Rosin, in her own words:

That’s right. He repeated this continuously. He would say that starting where I entered the industry with the supposed Russian threat, but never actually existed ­ the Russians were made to be the enemy. Then there would be terrorists, Third World country threats, there would be an asteroid threat.
They might even say to us to try to influence the public into believing that there are many reasons for why we should put weapons in space. There might be a reason to protect our assets in space. 

But, the real one that he was always holding off on and would say again with tears filling his eyes every time he said this to me repeatedly was that the last card they are holding is the ‘alien card,’ the extraterrestrial card and none of them are hostile.
In any way he could say those words, the intonation was always on, ‘None of them are hostile. It’s all a lie.’

Von Braun and his failed portable alien death ray prototype

Von Braun and his failed portable alien death ray prototype

Now you can think whatever you want about Von Braun, but if anyone were to have known about such things it would have been someone like him. In any case he nailed them with unsightly forecann so far, with only the “alien card” left to fall. Note his words “none of them are hostile”, which implies that the lie is not the aliens themselves, but rather their alleged hostility. But plans change and perhaps the “alien threat” has been tweaked to become an “alien savior” for strategic reasons, such as the fact that the aliens might not play ball (if they exist and are not hostile) or simply the fact that “savior” figures have historically achieved levels of crowd control far superior to the force of arms alone.

Which brings us back to the Vatican’s astronomical obsession. It doesn’t take an apostate to see that either they’re still trying to prove Galileo wrong or they’re on the lookout for something that doesn’t appear in the current charts. Perhaps they’re just pretending to look so they can pretend to find something so amazing that people’s brains will ooze out their earbones trying to process the awesomeness. The Vatican astronomer-priests are no fools, they know full well that Galileo was, in fact, not wrong but not quite right either, as they know that the Age the suffering son of God is over. And nobody is more acutely aware of this that His company, men who have done things in the name of Jesus that would make Satan blush. Companies like these never die, they just morph and change with the times in everything except the business model. The Company of Jesus (CoJ) has no intention of losing the most lucrative shadow empire the world has known, and will spare no effort in changing everything to keep it the same.

forgive them for they know not what they drink...

forgive them for they know not what they drink…

The election of Frank Papone as the first company papone of Roam was kind of a big deal that has been downplayed since the initial shock wore off, but the issue remains that the CoJ now occupies the seats of both the white and the black papone in what appears to be a consolidation of power in company hands. How and why this has ocurred is open to speculation, but the simplest explanation is that in times of war you want an admiral at the helm to guide the vessel of state, not some old limpdick that looks like the grinch on hemorroids. And company men are soldiers for the cause, with every means justified preemptively by the big J himself in virtue of their end, according to the commander from Loyola (read oath at the end of this link).

The man chosen for this task is a people’s person, with that easy-going Argentine thang so welcome a change from his dour predecessors. He poses for selfies with the yute and hangs out with the Hell’s Angels. When he speaks he sounds like a normal guy, not like a stuffed parrot. And he’s purging the nest of the God’s Work nutwings, which is just basic hygiene, really. Again, why the concilium cardinals voted for such a radical change of style in the papal tradition is open to speculation. Maybe the decision was made before the vote, pushed by the same circumstances that led to the previous papone to step down. The coming of a new kid on the block, perchance?

say cheesus!

say cheesus!

One particular detail which may be just one big kwinzdince –which sounds like coincidence but isn’t– is mentioned in the altheadlines piece linked above, namely:

José Gabriel Funes, an Argentine Jesuit priest and astronomer, and the current director of the Vatican Observatory

An Argentine company man, eh? Small world! The vatican is a very large corporation with many employees worldwide, but it would seem that certain nationalities and memberships go further than others on the inside track. So the new papone is a double paysan of the vatican’s chief astronomer. Much bueno! So cozy! Wow!

Aside from the vatican’s search for brother alien, there are other scattered news bits & pieces that seem relevant to the issue, like the recent “discovery” of a large planet within our solar system and of course the hard-hitting Secret Space War series by Dr. Preston James over at VT, in particular the part about Marduk in Africa.

Then there is the recent meeting between Obomber and the papone, in which the president went to Roam to soil himself a wee bit in girlish adulation:

“It’s wonderful meeting you. It’s wonderful meeting you,” Obama began. “Thank you so much for receiving me.”
After the pope ushered him into his study, he continued to gush: “It’s a great honour. I’m a great admirer. Thank you so much for receiving me.” The “smiling pope” muttered his reply in such a low voice that it was inaudible.*

*later translated from video by lip-reader as: “kindly remove your heathen tongue from my asset” in Spanish

Well, for all those still wondering who his daddy is, there you have it….

The bottom line is that nothing is ever as it appears when the company is involved. Consult the conspiracy fact files on Project Blue Beam and understand that “seeing is believing” is just not what it used to be. A bogus “alien” savior or threat can be manufactured just like any other false flag operation; the problem is not of technical ability to do so, but the wigginess factor, ie how folks will react. Event perception management has evolved mightily since 9-11, but a ruse of this scale has never been tried before and without the appropriate “spiritual guidance” it could fall short of its intended purpose of ushering in a new world religion. For this a special kind of expertise is required, one with a proven two thousand year track record in spiritual guidance and terrenal control.

So if you see it, it may not exist, but if you don’t it may very well. Bob knows it’s getting harder to tell reality from reality each passing day; just remember that anything you see can and will be used against you in the name of the alien, the savior and the holey toast. Know the company you ride in, and keep your piece.

Holey Toast is watching you

Holey Toast is watching you

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