Slick Willy Sayeth the Alien Savior Still Cometh, Dig?

The Alien Savior meme is showing signs of persistent vectorization over time, with new mainscream media vectors joining the wagon while in the vatican the ongoing face-time meetings between the papone and his NWO cohorts continues unabated. Signs that the mothership is lurking around the black hole of Uranus, just waiting to uncloak. Pucker up!

Now Listen Up, Lizzie
Just earlier this week, Queen Lizziebeth of England went for a brief pow-wow with Frank Papone over in Roam. Now, we’re not going to get into who and/or what the Queen is, suffice it to say her rap sheet is one of the longest in the conspiracy fact bestiary and she’s at the very top of the godfather ranking, in the bad hat reptilian shapeshifter category.

When two godparents of such stature squeeze in face time to their busy agendas of global domination, we may safely assume something big is afoot, simply because one reason to meet in person is to have a private conversation. Indeed, the audience was held in an “understated room” instead of the usual venue.

“The 77-year-old pope did not receive the royal couple in the apostolic palace, which he has shunned as a living space but where he hosted Barack Obama last week. Instead, he met them in an understated room known as the pope’s study, off the huge Paul VI audience hall where he greets thousands of Catholics on rainy Wednesdays.”

A little spot of signal jamming and you have the closest thing to privacy as is possible nowadays, to talk about stuff not even the Nosy Shitdigger Assetholes are allowed to know. Understated as in “stated under (the dragnet)”… you dig?

“The brief private audience – for which the pope, Queen, Prince Philip and an interpreter were alone in the study – lasted 17 minutes, after which gifts were exchanged, royal photographs given and cheerful farewells bade. There was no official comment on what subjects had been discussed[…]”

It wasn’t a rainy Wednesday so they probably weren’t talking about the weather, but seventeen minutes would be enough for a no-frills brief and marching orders. Who was giving and who was taking them is open to speculation, but the meeting itself meets conspiracy guidelines in actors and timing, so we can expect a new memo to be issued to the cutout agents in short order.

Slick Willy Goes Memo
That didn’t take long! The memo is already out, as evidenced by certain high-profile American ex-politico talking about an alien threat on national TV, although this was done on a comedy show to maintain deniability and keep the herd from stampeding. Listening to Bill “Insert Cigar” Clintoris on the Jimmy Kimmel show is like trying to eat peas with a knife, standard forked tongue fare with a discourse that bears uncanny resemblance the alien savior script. In fact, it sounds like he was quoting the “Idiot’s Guide to the NWO” verbatim:

“It may be the only way to unite us in this incredibly divided world of ours. If they’re out there, we better think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader,” Mr Clinton said.

I’m just sayin’… “If” they’re there, we’d “better think” our differences “would seem small” “if we felt threatened”. A lot of conditionality for such a short statement, even from Mr. “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is“. The linked article deadpans: “It was not entirely clear whether any of Mr Clinton’s remarks were intended as a joke”, and indeed maybe they weren’t, hah hah retch gag yak.

The point is Slick Willy, NWO cutout extraordinaire, is on the loose spreading the meme like a randy goat vector, and at this point we can expect more celebrities being rolled out to assist vectorization efforts… not to mention more subliminal delivery means in advertising and, of course, holly wood wand productions. The eros and thanatos is thick on this one, they need it to get us scared and hard at the same time to quantitatively ease in the appendage, if you’ll excuse my French.

so... the plan is take the gold and run?

so… the plan is take the gold and run?

As a final note, some may wonder what flesh Slick Willy has in this game. Well, aside from being married to a reptile, it is a well-known fact that he received “leadership grooming” (read Phi Beta Kappa) at Georgetown University. A lesser-known fact, but relevant to the discussion at hand even at risk of sounding conspiranoic, is that Georgetown University is the oldest Jesuit and Catholic university in the United States. Yes, the Slickster is and has always been a consummate manipulator, snake charmer, liar and NWO insider, in other words, a Company man.

No, Bill, you are not forgiven. You more than anyone destroyed my faith in the system, because I believed and you sold me out. I guess I could thank you for popping my youthful folly early on, but that would be like thanking a rapist for taking my virginity. In my book there’s a double decker with your name plastered on the fender, just waiting for the moment you get the toss. You know what happens when you FCK a STRANGER in the ASS, Willy?


Little prick… stonewallin’ me…

Alien perfume from

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