Debt Train to Oblivion: Next Stop, Martial Law Central

The 99PS Democrazy Desk has stirred slightly from its self-induced coma at the news of the (apparently foiled) federal power play on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Indeed, the other jackboot seems to want to drop on the farce this blog calls democrazy, which is to real democracy as koolaid is to real fruit juice.

The 99PS Democrazy Desk... it ain't been easy

The 99PS Democrazy Desk… it ain’t been easy

Democrazy is in fact a form of Emergency War Powers designed by banxters to enforce debt on the entire population, and was surrepticiously put into place in 1913 together with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the IRS and the hypothecation of all property on US territory to the Bored (sick) of the Fed, aka the international banxter money lenders.

A lot of folks are rightly worried about the growing belligerance of the federal gummint towards citizens in general, but many still fail to see the forest for the trees. There are a lot of wild conspiracies to explain why the feds have gone medieval and are sending the pipe-shooting piggas to kill, evict, corral and generally treat their brother man like garbage, but most of these conspiracies fail to mention that your person and the assets you mistakenly think you “own” –land, water, cattle, oil, gold and anything of real value– are all tradable debt securities, meaning they do not legally belong to you under maritime law because the titles (which belong to the fed ever since they were hypothecated a century ago) are held in collateral by the bondholders that buy US debt. Meaning your person belongs to a bondholder, who may decide to strip it for parts…

Fortunately, by now we all know persons and humans are not one and the same and have taken appropriate steps to unlink ourselves from our legal personhood… without falling into the “sovereign citizen” trap.

The bewilderment generated by the fed’s open season on US citizens arises from the erroneous premise that the primary duty of the federal gummint is to “represent” the country in benefit of the citizens. This is actually a half-truth: the gummint does represent the country, but in benefit of the bond holders, aka the international banxter money lenders who print our money and own our sorry assets. Its mission is not to ensure our wellbeing, but to ensure the banxter debt is discharged (fiat debt can never be repaid) by the citizen taxpayers who are collateral to the loans.

To this end, gummint must prove to the banxters that the citizens can be coerced into assuming the debt as it grows increasingly onerous and unpopular. How does it prove this? By twisting the screws incrementally tighter and militarizing law enforcement to keep the taxpayer herd in the corral… shoot a few hobos, grandpas and family pets, lock down a city or two and let everybody know who’s in charge. This is standard procedure in the management of human resources as debt securities, and is the main reason that martial law is the only possible outcome of the debt-based economic scheme: as the debt grows, the force required to discharge it grows in proportion until only martial law is enough to hold off collapse, for a while at least.

The incident at the Bundy Ranch appears to be a case in point, as evidence comes to light that certain US senator wanted that land for development by a Chinese business (recommended video from Storm Clouds Gathering on the story). Now why would a US senator steal from a US citizen to give to a Chinese company? Just for some chump change to line his pocket even further? Well, that never hurts the cause, but the bottom line is that Eminent Domain –both overt and covert, as in this case– is a power that the indebted gummint must have and put in use, to again prove to the bondholders that when push comes to shove, the “beneficiaries of the Trust” (you and me) get the full rule of law treatment from the gargantuan federal machine, right or wrong, and never mind the bollocks. The moment it starts to look like the fed’s grip on the taxpayer’s collective neck is slipping, we go from being securities to risks, and that, as one can imagine, is not good for business.

The US gummint has had to work hard to keep an armed population of several hundred million as a debt security for one hundred years. Every ploy, subterfuge and trick in the book has been put into practice (except the alien savior, so far) all based on concealing the true nature of debt-based currency system and how it impoverishes us by trading our wealth for debt. For the better part of this century, the inner workings of money creation were privy only to a handful of persons, all of which obviously had vested interests in keeping the secret. In the past 15 years, however, the magic of the internet has allowed a lot of serious, smart folks to break it apart and explain the scam to the rest of us, so the ploys of yore no longer cut muster like they used to… even if they don’t quite grasp the mechanics of the scam, folks can see who’s making out like bandits while everyone else struggles to make ends meet.

And as understanding of the extent to which the banxters and their hogtit suckers have been screwing us for all these years seeps down into the public consciousness, these folks start getting a wee bit peeved, not to mention a smidgen annoyed, and become less amenable to investing two billion hours of their time filing tax returns or even to working in exchange for reserve notes. If this trend gains traction and reaches certain critical mass, the “emergency” part of the emergency war powers go into effect, and the glitzy democrazy set will be swept away to reveal the grey police state backdrop beneath.

It isn’t even a question of “if” anymore, but when. The gummint has all the time and resources; the gummint does its frogs slow boiled. It may retreat from a battle but will never stop making war or abandon its goal of domination. There are not many options left for ordinary folk, and they dwindle by the day. We can ignore the facts at our own peril, or accept the facts and choose some form of resistance, also at our own risk. Some will take up arms and head out to Nevada to stand by the Bundys, and that honors them, but the true power of resistance does not come from the barrel of a gun but from massive non-violent non-compliance and education efforts… although it’s always nice to have a homie watching your back with some hardware in case the piggas come looking for trouble… you know, just sayin’.

On way or another, there will be no fence left to sit on soon. Your compliance to the “rule of law” must be complete; either you accept total subjugation or you are an enemy, be you armed militia or organic gardener. If you are not aware of your current status as a modern debt slave, owned by a parasite class that lives off your labor and despises you for being a slave, martial law will not change your world in any substantial way. For those who ARE aware, however, the water is starting to get downright hot. Either we spring towards freedom now, or our frog legs are cooked. Of course they’re expecting for some of us to try, but how will they play whack-a-mole when all the moles pop out at the same time? Yeah, I know, keep dreaming… but as long as there’s a glimmer of hope left, we must continue to provide Universe with options no matter how unlikely. Let it never be said we gave away our dreams without a fight too.

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