Four Days of Kingdoms Come and Gone

… and a pox partially lifted by Hope.

June 18th

This is not the first rainy night I ponder on the language of karma, but it may well be the most significant, a moment of mighty confluence between material and subtle currents.

Tonight is the last night of the old kingospain; tomorrow Flip becomes the new king and head of the State of sPain and its seventeen quarrelsome regions, all broke and with at least two of them wanting to go solo, not to mention the hordes of republicans thronging the streets demanding a referendum on the monarchy, which they would probably win. It’s so bad that his father was just like “son, I always told you I’d wear the crown to the day I died, but I’m afraid the crown doesn’t fit in the lifeboat, so here you go. Adiós!”, which just about sums it up in a nutshell.

... so I just tore me off a couple of those diamond-studded crosses, for sentimental reasons...

… so I just tore me off a couple of those diamond-studded crosses, for sentimental reasons…

And as one crown rises, another crown falls… for tonight is also the night that La Roja, Spain’s world champion national team, is about to suffer a defeat almost as bitter as the 2010 title was sweet, losing its second match in the Brazil World Cup and heading straight to first round elimination. This is not going to shadow Flip’s coronation as the talk of the day tomorrow, but it is likely to mark his reign much like the constellations at birth mark one’s sign of the zodiac.

born under the sign of aaaarrrgh!

born under the sign of aaaarrrgh!

Can it really be mere coincidence that these two events take place on the very same night? For lovers of karmic symmetry, not a chance. However, there is no way of knowing yet what it means, because nothing with karma is ever straightforward. Half-empty types will see a bad omen for the new king in the fall of the national team, but half-full types might argue that it simply shows the old cycle is ended and a new one now begins.

I myself prefer to believe the latter until proven otherwise. As regular readers know, this blog is no friend of crowns in general and bourbons in particular, and indeed went as far as putting a pox on the old king for killing elephants, which appears to still be in effect. That said, I believe every human has the right to prove his worth regardless of who he is or where he comes from, and extend this to Flip 6 in regard of his potential as new king to make some major corrections in the steerage of the vessel of state. Better said, to get the vessel out of the craggy shallows where it is run aground in order to actually have something to con, which is the proper nautical term, before the waves tear it apart.

a spot of paint and she's good as new, cap'n!

a spot of paint and she’s good as new, cap’n!

As far as the subtle plane is concerned, well, let’s just say it grows less subtle by the day. The signs of change from that plane –which occur in the form of symbolic symmetries, the language of karma, before actual physical manifestation– are coming in so hard and fast that even the most steadfast sleeple are having a hard time ignoring them.

June 19th

Well, I managed to stomach a full quarter hour of the coronation ceremony of our new king, the part where the TV cameras pan in and out of the gathered flag-wavers for endless minutes waiting for the new king to come to the window and greet his subjects. I didn’t make it that far myself, but I do note that it is a beautiful day in Madrid, which is more than the old papone got. Weather has a lot of weight at the symbolic level, and is an important part of the karma language toolbox, as the previous link clearly demonstrates.

Fun fact: did you know that Flip 6, standing at 1,97 meters (6’5″), is now officially the tallest king in the world, and the Guinness Book of Records will have to update its entry on the world’s tallest crown prince?

I also note a great sense of indifference at the street level for both the coronation and La Roja’s loss. Of course, this may be because these streets are located in a deep part of Catalonia where the towns and villages have unilaterally declared themselves as independent territories and are facing down the central government by refusing to fly the Spanish flag at town halls (and flying the “Estelada” battle flag instead) and other minor pro-independence provocations. But that’s another post for another day. For now suffice it to say that despite all the bluster, we still send our taxes to Madrid, so if hanging a flag makes you feel better about that, wake me up when the real game starts.

a statement being made

a statement being made

June 20th

So, here we are. Crown Corp has been upgraded to the Flip v6.0 hardware and the transition seems to be smooth so far. New sitting CEO of Crown Corp met this morning with the Chief Debt Enforcement Officer of the Subjects (aka “el presidente” Ratjoy) to discuss photo opportunities. In the Spanish press, where the conspiracy fact of the old king’s stash (some sources say up to 1,200 million) from almost 40 years of secret commission on every single drop of oil imported into the country (ie all of it) is studiously ignored, the monarchist pundits are creaming their thongs with the handsome new king, his beautiful queen and the little blonde princesses that bear uncanny resemblance to the little blonde princess in Velazquez’s Las Meninas, who just happened to be the daughter of king Philip IV and sister of Charles II, the last king of Spain from the Austrian House of Hapsburg.

What dark karmic humor is this? These two little girls born 360 years apart in the same house, both Spanish princesses and yet unrelated by bloodline, the first a Hapsburg and the second a Bourbon. Maybe it’s something in the palace water or maybe it’s extra bonus points for observers of karmic symmetry.

Princess Margaret Theresa of Spain (1651 – 1673) and princess Sofía on her first day of school (ca. 2012)

Princess Margaret Theresa of Spain (1651 – 1673) and princess Sofía on her first day of school (ca. 2012)

In any case, the time for speculation is over; now the work begins. Many Spaniards –even republicans– have a secret, unspoken hope that the new king will deal firmly with the entrenched political corruption of the system, but if we take into account daddy’s stash, this is not very likely, as one thing would eventually lead to another and sooner or later all would be known. Then again, if he chooses to do nothing and all is known anyway –which is not a completely implausible scenario– things could get even worse. And to think that there are folks who consider it fortunate to be born a prince, without realizing the extent to which it is a gilded cage. In that sense, Flip has always been steadfast in his committment to the huge responsibility he was born in to, as solid as a stool doing his doody for 45 years preparing for this day, seemingly the makings of a slow, dull Bourbon just like his daddy, groomed to be a king, not a thinker. Seemingly.

300 years ago, the new king’s illustrious ancestor Philip V of Bourbon, having defeated the Hapsburg king in the War of Succession, razed the city of Barcelona and punished all Catalonia for supporting his rival. Today, his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson Philip VI finds the same territory supporting an ideal –namely itself as an independent republic at some future date– by peaceful democratic means. For his ancestor, being king was not a popularity contest but a conquest, so he was more focused on being feared than loved. Flip 6 doesn’t have it so easy, although he did not have to fight a war to gain the throne, he has plenty of battles before him, not the least of which is simply keeping the throne afloat in a country of a (every day less) silent republican majority. And the kingdom too, of course, for what is a king of a bankrupt, intervened realm? Flip? Hello?

June 21st

This just in! To end this post and begin the reign on a positive note, today’s royal news is that the new king’s first official visit will be to Girona, the second city in Catalonia, of where he used to be prince until 4 days ago. Choosing Catalonia as his first public appearance as king is a clear signal that he has the issue on the top of his agenda, which by extension implies he has made a realistic assessment of priorities and has some sort of plan in mind. Symbolically, it has a very specific weight at this point in time at which the Catalan issue is locked like two rams in mating season, by showing that the new head of state is not going to join the anti-Catalan bandwagon any more than he’s going to contribute to the separatist’s ambitions. Which, if so, seems like a wise, pondered decision and I hope it’s true, because it is perhaps one of the few things that can bring the parties to the negotiation table and defuse the politics of tension on both sides.

-we should talk  -sure, call me any time!

-we should talk -sure, call me any time!

In light of this circumstance, and in order to make my small personal contribution to the cause of peace and prosperity of all humankind (human-nasties and dy-nasties excluded), I hereby humbly request the pox –originally cast upon the elephant-slayer and his bloodline– be suspended for the latter as long as the new king is truly working for peace and not being just another Bourbon quenelle.

This is no way or form changes the ultimate objective of ending with Crown Corp., it is simply a pragmatic approach to what we have, not what we’d like to have. I say we let Flip clean up the mess and then decide countrywide by referendum whether he did a good enough job to keep his job or not. Surely no reasonable man, monarchist or republican, could deny this would be a fair and civilized way of going about it. However, one way or another daddy-o’s alleged 12 billion stash is gonna have to come back home to pay the national debt, seeing as it was allegedly skimmed out of the pockets of every single Spaniard as a gas tax. This is a sine qua non condition that has not yet manifested, but will. The urban legend of the old king’s stash is too widespread to just go away, and the official wall of silence is not invulnerable, especially with republican parties in congress asking uncomfortable questions. Indeed, the gummint is working overtime to ensure the old king is immune to prosecution lickety-split until the end of his natural days, at which point his cadaver will gladly answer all inquiries.

Their haste in passing this law (this is the first time there has been a royal succession in democracy, so a lot of the legal details were not yet codified) belies their founded fear that certain groups may try to nail the old king judicially for the stash affair, now that he is no longer head of state. Before they had even started to discuss it, the gummint made it very clear that the law would provide the old king with retroactive immunity, in order to dissuade anyone thinking there is a window of opportunity. On the other hand, the fact they felt obliged to point this detail out also shows a potential weakness, because retroactive immunity is not an easy legal shenanigan to manage, it goes against international law and almost never lasts very long… except, perhaps, in Spain. The old Spain, that is. Will it be different now? Stay tuned.

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