The World Coup: THIEFA vs. Brazil (video)

Regular readers know 99PS is a pro-bono home-cooked affair, a blog where all written content is 100% OP and asset munching is generally discouraged. However, every now and then a jewel in video form surfaces from the internet meme cauldron which complements this blog’s overall message. The truth is a man hasn’t enjoyed 8 minutes of video this hard for a long while, and a strange feeling came upon him as he watched and listened, that of a weary soldier when the backup finally arrives, fresh and pumped and ready for action.

As long as there folks out there working at this high level of memecraft counterattack, this man rests assured that we will win the War of the Words against the statist lying machine. Sure, they have the resources, the media empires, the paid presstitutes and spinmeisters. But all their resources can’t buy the footwork, the jab speed or the humor of this here video. Their money can’t buy the truth, because the truth is free like a lion. It can be caged or killed, but never tamed or bought.

Enjoy the delivery but don’t miss the message: “they think they’re spectators, but they’re part of the game”.

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