The Folks Guide to Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

Now that the CIA’s infamous “torture report” has finally gone public, it’s time to speak of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT) and what folks need to know about it.

First of all, EIT is actually the sound folks make when trying to breathe on the waterboard. It’s an inside joke. Yeah, they tortured some folks… but not to gain intelligence, since they know torture doesn’t work for that. Getting some poor devil to confess under torture is not that hard, heck, they got folks to confess to the murder of Elvis and even had one guy who swore he had been laden (haven’t we all?). You see, when someone is shoving a tube up folk’s asset for Enhanced Rectal Interrogation while choking them to death, chances are folks will say pretty much anything at all to end the torture. That’s not intelligence, that’s despair. And the officials who ordered and carried out the torture are quite aware of this fact.

The simple truth is that what folks may or may not know is irrelevant, because the purpose of torture is not to gain intelligence but to cause despair, and at that it is pretty much unbeatable. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, but they invented waterboarding and used it to get folks to confess to witchery and other abominable and completely fictitious acts in order to burn them at the stake. Were the inquisitors searching for “intelligence” or were they simply subjecting folks to unbearable torture in order to force a confession they knew was fake?

The Inquisition invented many torture techniques, but the official American EIT manual comes from the National Socialist (Nasty) criminals who were adopted by the American gummint right after WWII to bring their valuable expertise in pain and despair to work stateside. Ja, they tortured some volks too. Sure, some Nasties hung for that at Nuremberg –the low-value assets that were not taken in during operation Paperclip– but, hey, they were Nasties, right? So STFU before the pipe-hittin’ piggas come to perform EIT on your person until the end of your natural contract, you domestic sovereign terrorist citizen you!

So far, the only plausible hypothesis of why US officials would set up a torture program knowing that it is a war crime punishable by death has come from the folks at Veterans Today, where they suggest the purpose of the program is to force confessions supporting the official 9-11 fairy tale about boxcutter-armed radicals creating new prime real estate in Manhattan. This hypothesis stands to reason inasmuch it is in line with the historical trend of using torture to extract fake confessions in order to serve an equally false narrative by criminals in positions of power. Today’s “terrorists” are but yesterday’s “witches”, and the burning is done by hellfire instead of stake because we have progressed as a civilization… technologically if nothing else.

The bottom line is that we the folks have our conventions and declarations, but they have the guns and they torture folks, so if you got a problem with that, well, feel free. They have boards and straps to spare. Geneva War Conventions? The ICC? Don’t make them laugh. As long as bullets can pierce paper, there is no written law that will stop them when push comes to shove. All they need is to get folks killing each other, and all is forgotten. World war is the war criminal’s jubilee, and the time is come.

I believe the public release of the torture report, far from being an embarassment to officialdom, is in fact psychological (ie in the logic of a psycho) warfare against folks at home and globally. In essence, it is officialdom’s way of warning the world not to mess with them because they are a bunch of soulless evil ghouls who torture and kill for profit and wipe their filthy holes with the laws of man. It is also their frank admission that they are not “folks”, as indeed they are not inasmuch they lack basic human features and are not fit to live in human company, if at all. They are the ones who torture and kill in order to keep the power to torture and kill. Nothing personal, just business. Which is why they will never be folks, just like a cancer will never be healthy cells.

It’s an interesting time to be folks right now. The torture report has brought us to a bifurcation in our road as a society. One is the path of impunity for the war criminals, the other is the path of accountability and justice in the true sense of the word. The first one leads to a world of pain, and the second one probably does too… but at least they’ll get their share too. One way or another, it’s time to take it as it comes, ready or not. Start the countdown kiddies: onetwothreefour…!

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