Goodbye and Thanks For All the Hits

99 Percent Space is now archive only. No new content will be added.

After a long and fruitful contribution to the awareness of modern slaves worldwide, 99 Percent Space has reached the end of its useful life, like almost everything else belonging to the old paradigm. There just ain’t much left to say anymore, much like it ain’t worth running when the tsunami is already upon you. Everything’s going from bad to worse with no substantial changes in the course that is leading us, quite purposefully, into the mother of all train wrecks. The wars drag on, the war criminals walk free, the police state encroaches, and the money is funny but only the banxters are laughing.

Speaking of banxters, here’s a good one: a coffin slides into a drug store and the banxter inside sits up and asks the pharmacist “do you have anything to stop this coughin’?” And the pharmacist says “yeah” and blows the banxter’s head into pink mist with a shotgun. You raugh now.

While there will be no more new content added, the blog itself will remain in archive mode to serve the small but constant trickle of new readers stumbling upon the most popular posts, in particular the Modern Slave Guide to Modern Slavery, which has been read by over 100 thousand people to date… almost all of which continue to be modern slaves, albeit self-aware ones. The seed is planted but the ground’s not yet fertile.

Many thanks to all who have stopped by to share some time here, in this strange reality where nothing is as it appears. As a final parting message, just remember to keep smiling, ’cause old reptiles never forget a face and always leave the tasty ones for last. Amen!

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