In The Spirit of Yuletide (Bobby’s Song)

Bobby’s Song, or what’s a nice reader like you doing in a place like this? Celebrate! A toast to the best and worse of times!

Play video below for musical reference. Full Lennox!

Bob knows you owe some gentlemen
A big fat wad of bills
at interest rates of two digits
and payback with no frills
he’s promised you some broken bones
if you try not to pay
so listen to what Bobby has to say

There was a man from Bethlehem
they called the Nazarene
he strode into the temple
and found the sight obscene
of coin lenders in hallowed ground
plying their wicked trade
and he drove them out like pussy-ass bitches

But it didn’t end so well for him
He didn’t get away
they crucified this brave rebel
for refusing to obey
the corrupt laws of lenders
by Satan’s power led astray
so Bobby thinks you better go ahead and pay (at least for today)

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